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Raised Homocysteine Predicts Over 100 Diseases

Is the H Factor still the biggest health breakthrough of the century?

The Four Horsemen of the Mental Health Apocalypse

I’m proposing that there are four main biological drivers of our brain demise which I’m calling the four horses of...

What really works for weight loss?

Discover the supplement that makes you feel fuller, makes you more regular, and the weight of the evidence to date...

The Optimal Life for Optimal Health

What is the optimal way of living for the best mental and physical health?

How to Stop Your Joints Aching in Winter

This is the worst month for joint aches but there’s lots that you can do that makes a difference.

Winning The Cold War

Are you a favourite host for the cold virus? If so, now is the time to strengthen your defences and...

Gut friendly breakfasts

Here are a few digestion-friendly recipes to set you up for the day.

Polyphenol Power – Keep Your Brain Young with Antioxidants

You can add years to your life, and life to your years, by improving your intake of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Super Summer Detox

Summer is ideal for a light cleanse. The temperature is warm and we tend to opt for lighter foods naturally,...

Is Collagen the Key to Anti-Ageing?

How Collagen is formed and what can support collagen production. 

Vitamin D – are you deficient?

Most people in Britain are short on vitamin D for at least six months of the year, putting them at...