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Stop Craving Sugar

Everyone likes sugar, and the more you have the more you want. You get used to higher and higher levels...

The Optimal Life for Optimal Health

What is the optimal way of living for the best mental and physical health?

How to Have a Delicious Christmas and Never Gain a Pound

So, here are some simple tips,so you can thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of Christmas and keep your weight in check.

The complete guide to a good night’s sleep

All you need to know to tackle insomnia and get a restful night without resorting to sleeping pills.

How to Lower Your Homocysteine Level

High homocysteine levels are linked to increased risk of heart disease, memory loss and osteoporosis. Find out how to keep...

Get Your Past Out of Your Present

Your emotions, both positive or negative, can have a massive effect on your health and the whole way your body...

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Diet

Does what you eat affect your risk for dementia later in life and, if so, what is the best diet...

Conquering Stress

When you are feeling stressed and tired, the last thing you need is more things to do or think about....

Fuel Your Brain for Better Memory

If given the choice neurons prefer ketone fuel. Find out why.

How to Build Brain Cells at Any Age

Understanding how your brain works is the key to protecting yourself from decline in memory.

Are Omega-3 plus B Vitamins the dynamic duo for dementia prevention?

Find out about two new studies showing a synergistic effect of having optimal omega-3 and B vitamin intake.