Good Foods, Bad Foods & Healthy Diet

Our ancestors were not only fit, they ate fit food – lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, whole foods. Before the invention of fridges and refined food all food was fresh and whole. Before cars we burned more calories through exercise, ate a lot more fresh food and got more nutrients as a consequence.
Now the average person around the world eats 24 kilos of sugar a year.(5) This mountain of sugar is also driving weight gain. Obesity is literally widespread.

12 million people in Britain are obese and 500 die every week as a result of it. One in three adult Americans are obese, predicted to be one in two by 2030. By 2030 the prediction is that we will have 2 billion people significantly overweight and half a billion with diabetes. Already, for every person who dies from starvation two die from obesity. The solution is diet, not drugs. In Britain we have a 5 a day policy. By the age of 65 half of us are on 5 different drugs – one for each bit that breaks down.

In this section I cover the foods and drinks you should and shouldn’t be consuming, and what constitutes a genuine ‘healthy diet’.