Holford Health Club members cant take advantage of all my healthy recipes.

Cashew and Sesame Quinoa

This is unbelievably tasty and contains ample protein from the quinoa. The raw vegetables also substantially increase the...

Nick’s Beefburgers

This burger is seriously delicious served with salad in a toasted pitta bread (5 GL per half-slice).

Smoked Salmon, Dill and Avocado Platter

This is an incredibly simple dish to make and one which really shows off the fabulous flavours.

Strawberries and Cream

I can honestly say this is summer in a glass.


This is a refreshing, sweet taste of summer, which can be adapted to make it non-alcoholic for drivers...

Caribbean Cocktail

The fat from coconuts is used as energy rather than being stored as fat, making this a much...

Bloody / Virgin Mary

This classic cocktail can be enjoyed equally by drinkers and drivers alike if you serve two versions, but...

Watermelon Whizz

With its high water content, watermelon is perhaps the most refreshing of summer fruits.

Raspberry Refresher

Raspberries are very rich in flavonoids, the plant-based antioxidants that help fight infection and stave off age-related disease.


Using the safe sugar substitute xylitol makes this refreshing drink sugar-free, plus the fresh lemon juice provides plenty...

Get Up & Go with Carboslow

Get Up & Go is a powdered breakfast drink. Nutritionally speaking, it is the ultimate breakfast.

Hybrid Latte

This is a great morning kickstart, free from carbs, rich in ketone-friendly fats and both tasty and filling.

Ginger, Carrot and Walnut Loaf

This mildly flavoured cake makes an excellent snack for afternoon tea as it has a mild, warming ginger...

Autumn Tea Bread

This tea loaf is full to bursting with warming autumnal flavours such as mixed spice and dried mixed...

Spiced Apple Cake

Although it’s similar to a Dorset apple cake, my Spiced Apple Cake is stuffed with mixed dried fruit...

Pear and Coconut Cake

A gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free treat, this is a very unusual cake that’s made entirely without flour.

Chocolate Courgette Cake

This is a rich, gooey, chocolately cake with no hint of the courgettes that lie within and it’s...

Coconut Oat Biscuits

These crumbly biscuits are inspired by Australia’s much loved Anzac biscuits, which combine oats with coconut.