Get Up & Go with Carboslow

Get Up & Go is a powdered breakfast drink, which is blended with soya or nut milk and berries. Nutritionally speaking, it is the ultimate breakfast: each serving gives you more fibre than a bowl of porridge, more protein than an egg, more iron than a cooked breakfast and more vitamins and minerals than a whole packet of cornflakes. In fact, every serving of Get Up & Go gives you at least 100 per cent of every vitamin and mineral and a lot more of some key nutrients. For example, you get 1,000mg of vitamin C – the equivalent of more than 20 oranges.

Get Up & Go contains no sucrose, no additives, no animal products, no yeast, wheat or milk, and it tastes delicious. Each serving, with 300ml (10fl oz/1⁄2 pint) skimmed milk or soya milk and some fruit, provides 3GL and fewer than 300 calories and, when mixed up, only 8GL, making it ideal as part of your Anti-diabetes Diet. If you use oat milk, a serving equals 10GL.

It is nutritionally superior to any other breakfast choice and is totally suitable for adults and children alike. It is fine to have this for breakfast every day, if you choose. Make it up with berries such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, or a soft pear. If you use banana use no more than a third of a decent-sized banana.

In this version, Carboslow made from glucomannan (derived from Konjac Root) has been added, and works in synergy with the Get Up and Go powder. This combination was developed specifically for those following the Hybrid Diet, and has a fantastically low 4GL, but can be used by anyone whether they follow the diet or not. Once mixed with berries and no or low carb milk it provides a healthy, nutritious and filling start to the day.


1 tbsp Get Up & Go with CarboSlow®
2 cups (480ml/1 pint) unsweetened soya or almond milk, or full fat cow’s milk
Handful of blueberries, strawberries or raspberries

Blitz all of the ingredients in a blender.

Notes: Add a teaspoon of chia seeds for extra protein, omega-3s and fibre. Make the shake watery, not too thick, and consume immediately after making. The glucomannan in CarboSlow® absorbs liquid rapidly, and ideally this should happen inside you, as it will keep you feeling full for longer.

6 GLs, 0FUs

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