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Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine or sugar - whatever your addiction, with the right combination of nutrients and willpower it is possible to quit.


Discover how to use nutrition and supplementation to reduce your risk of developing the common chronic diseases and ailments associated with ageing.

Allergies, Food Intolerances & Asthma

The discomfort associated with allergies and intolerances can be miserable but there are ways to reduce your allergenic potential.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

With the incidence of Alzheimer's, dementia and age-related memory loss increasing, discover how to keep your mind young.

Antioxidants & Micronutrients

Find out how antioxidants and micronutrients impact on your health.


Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil. Learn how to stay relaxed using natural alternatives.


The pain of arthritis can be eased if you know the right strategies.

Beautiful skin

Do you want beautiful skin? Find out how to have super-healthy skin and solve all your skin problems.

Bone, Joint & Muscle Health

I focus on keeping you vertically well and free of pain into old age.

Brain Health & Memory

Learn about dietary factors that play on specific molecular systems and the mechanisms that preserve our mental function.

Burn Fat Fast

In Burn Fat Fast, Patrick Holford and Kate Staples outline how, by combining Patrick’s alternate-day low-GL diet and a fat burning exercise...


Discover nutrition and lifestyle choices to reduce your risk.

Children’s Health

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, happy and bright. Discover how to support your child's heath with optimum nutrition.

Cold/Flu Viruses & Other Infections

Win the war against sneezes, sniffles, aches and pains.

Covid, Long Covid & Vit C & D for Covid

Find out my view on the Covid pandemic and nutritional approaches to support your own immunity.

Depression & Mood

Discover the connection between nutrition and depression. Learn how specific natural supplements can act as blues busters and improve mood.


Time to cleanse? Support the digestive system and liver whilst following a detox diet.


Contrary to popular belief, type-2 diabetes can be prevented. Learn what to eat for perfect blood sugar balance.

Digestive Health

You are not what you eat - you are what you can digest. Discover how to support your digestive system using a...

Energy boost

This page aims to provide you with the keys to unlocking your energy, with guidance on what food, supplements and lifestyle changes...

Exercise, Exercises & Sports Nutrition

What, how much and when so you can maintain the best possible health.

Eye & Teeth Health

How to protect your eyes and teeth.

Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue

Tired? Stressed? Feeling low? Discover how to raise declining energy levels and supercharge your system.

Food and Supplements

Understand what foods and nutrients may help you for certain conditions.

Go Hybrid – Ketogenic/Low Carb Diets

Understand the miracle effects of fasting - at the cutting edge of nutritional science - for improved health, ageing and weightloss.

Good Foods, Bad Foods & Healthy Diet

Discover the foods and drinks you should and shouldn’t be consuming, and what constitutes a genuine ‘healthy diet’.

Government Legislation & Health Policies

Find out my opinions on different laws and health policies.

Health, Wellbeing & Spirituality

Learn simple changes to improve health overall and how mind, body and soul are connected to achieve wellbeing .

Healthy Drinks, Alcohol & Coffee

What you should be drinking and what to avoid.

Heart Health, Heart Disease & Cholesterol

Discover how heart disease can be prevented with dietary and lifestyle changes, alongside the right nutritional supplements.

Homocysteine & Methylation

Homocysteine is the medical breakthrough of the century. Find out why it matters to you.

Hormonal Health & Menopause

From oestrogen to testosterone, PMS to menopause; discover how to keep your hormones balanced through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Immune Health & Autoimmune Disease

We are all susceptible to bacterial and viral infections - discover how to protect your health and maintain a strong immune system.


Infertility tends to be more common in women than men. Discover how to maximise your chances of conception by correcting nutritional deficiencies...

Low GL/Glycaemic Load

Glycaemic load is a unit of measurement that tells you exactly what a particular food will do to your blood sugar.

Men’s Health

Discover how to support your body's changing nutritional needs throughout life.

Mental Health

Discover how sub-optimum nutrition can contribute towards the development of mental health issues and what can be done to rectify this.

Optimum Nutrition, Prevention & Real Healthy Eating

Find out how to be optimally nourished, what to eat for 'real' prevention of 21st century diseases and a 'real' balanced diet.

Our Environment & Genetically Modified Foods

The direction our lifestyles must take to be healthy and create a healthier planet.

Pain, Inflammation, Aches & Headaches

The right nutrition plus simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to your pain so you don’t have to continue suffering.

Pharmaceutical Drugs & Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical drugs do not come without a risk of side effects - could food be better medicine than drugs?


Discover how to maximise your fertility with optimum nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.

Skin Health & Eczema

Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are fairly commonplace. Skin problems can be solved with nutritional strategies.


Discover how to get the sleep you need and what natural support there is.

Stress & Stress Relief Techniques

Stress can lead to emotional and physical health problems. Discover non-addictive ways to overcome stress and negative emotions.


Discover the truth about nutritional supplements and how they can be used safely to support your health.

Surviving the festive season

Often we over indulge and end up feeling ill, hungover, overweight and stressed – is there a way to enjoy it and...


I analyse the research and look at the risk/benefit as well as other aspects of many different types of vaccinations programmes.

Vegan, Vegetarian & Pescatarian Health

How to get enough nutrients and how to be optimally nourished if following a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet. 

Weight Loss & Blood Sugar Balance

Find out how to lose weight healthily and without being hungry.

Women’s Health

The nutritional needs of a woman varies throughout her lifetime. From PMS to pregnancy to menopause, discover how to support your body...