Surviving the festive season

The festive season can be great fun with lots of parties, festive food and drinks but often we over indulge and end up feeling ill, hungover, overweight and stressed – is there a way to enjoy it and feel good?

I think there is. Firstly it’s important to take good care of yourself, building up your immune system so you don’t fall prey to the colds and bugs that go around at this time of year. Secondly, plan to enjoy your food and drink but stick to my simple rules to avoid the festive bulge! Thirdly try to avoid a hangover by following my tips, and if you do overindulge I have some great advice to help you recover quickly and a great detox plan. Fourthly if you find this time of year particularly stressful then take a look at my articles on how to handle anxiety and stress. Finally once you’ve made it through to New Year, you may well want to make some resolutions so I’ve included my secrets to keeping them.