Burn Fat Fast

In Burn Fat Fast, Patrick Holford and Kate Staples outline how, by combining Patrick’s alternate-day low-GL diet and a fat burning exercise workout by Kate, you can lose fat fast, without going hungry or compromising your health.

The old idea that it was just about eating less calories, however more and more research shows that a low glycemic load (GL) diet, designed to keep blood sugars even, causes more weight loss on the same calories. Combining this with specific fat burning exercises increases the weight loss.

The main side effect is that you will need a new wardrobe.

The Burn Fat Fast book is self-contained so you can get started straight away. All the foods recommended are easy to find. However, you will find more recipes by getting a copy of the Low GL Diet Cookbook and joining the Holford Health Club (one month FREE trial) which has a Low GL recipe section. The Low GL Diet Bible also gives you, not only more recipes, but the full low-down on how to live the low GL way.

In these books I recommend the breakfast shake Get Up & Go, and explain the added benefit of super-fibres such as gluocomannan, and supplements that work to support your low GL transformation, such as those containing garcinia cambogia fruit. The diet works on its own but these add extra benefit.

For the Burn Fat Fast exercises, if you are a beginner you need nothing. If you are doing the ‘intermediate’ with moderate fitness or ‘advanced’ workout, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells (free weights) which you can get in any major supermarket or sports equipment shop. The weights required for each level are; intermediate – 2kg for women, 3-4kg for men; and advanced – 2-5kg for women and 4-6kg for men.


Firstly, we incorporate the latest science of how to get the fastest fat burning results that make you look good too. This involves alternate day ‘resistance’ or strength training using our 8 minute routine (there’s a different one for beginners, intermediate or advanced depending on your level of exercise) then a 30 minute choice of ‘cardio’ workouts which could be brisk walking, but also incorporating what’s called interval training, with 30 second sprints.

One of the big problems with very low calorie diets is the body can burn fat and/or muscle. But you want more muscle cells because they burn fat. That’s why we include, on the ‘fast’ days a short workout so a) you are building not burning muscle and b) you speed up your metabolism, which normally slows down on conventional low calorie diets.

The exercises are easy to do, and are supported by short films explaining each one.

Burn Fat Fast Exercises