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Your Brain on Ketones

Professor Stephen Cunnane and I, explore the whole role ketones and fat play in your brain...

Autism Has Quadrupled. Why?

Although often described as ‘genetic’ obviously the genes haven’t changed, so what’s going on in the...

Cancer – Is It Metabolic or Genetic?

Professor Thomas Seyfried explains his science-based protocols for helping keep people with aggressive cancers alive.

The Soil-Food-Gut-Brain Superhighway

In this podcast I interview two pioneers in making food healthy, from the soil up.

The Role of Vitamin D in Reducing Risk of Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Dr William Grant discusses a research study showing that those who supplement vitamin D have much...

Are You Hooked on Anti-depressants?

One in two who try to come off anti-depressants have significant withdrawal symptoms.

Psychiatry Unplugged – The Way Up from Down

I interview my favourite psychiatrist, known for her expertise in non-pharmaceutical approaches to depression and mental...

Which Childhood Vaccines are Worth Having and When?

Which childhood vaccines are worth having and when?

All Things Covid – Latest News – Part 2

In this podcast I’m joined once more by the award-winning medical journalist Jerome Burne.

Microbiome – Facts and Fallacies

Are you confused about the microbiome, what all the new research we keep reading about actually...

What Can Psychedelics Teach Us About Mental Health?

Amanda Fielding updates on what’s happening in this exciting new frontier of psychedelics and what this could...

Should We All Be Dropping Acid

Not LSD, but uric acid. Dr Perlmutter and I discuss its pivotal role in your health.

Why Are You Vaccine Hesitant?

With one third of the UK population unvaccinated, and to give both sides of the argument...

Other Approaches to Covid

Vaccination is one approach to covid. But what else can be employed? Dr David Grimes &...

What Really Causes Heart Disease?

GP Malcolm Kendrick and I discuss what causes heart disease and what doesn’t.

All Things Covid

Award winning medical journalist Jerome Burne and I discuss all things covid - from vaccines to...

How to Starve Cancer

Cancer survivor Jane McLelland sharpened her scientific mind and delved deep into how to starve cancer...