Which Childhood Vaccines are Worth Having and When?

Which childhood vaccines are worth having and when? Is there a risk with MMR? How safe are vaccines and multiple vaccines? Is there any case for HPV or COVID vaccines for young people? I explore these questions with vaccine expert and former GP Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of ‘Vaccines: Making the Right Choice for Your Child.’


Dr Halvorsen has been the ‘go to guy’ for the mainstream media appearing on Channel 4, BBC news and often quoted in the Times and Guardian.

In 2007, concerned about the increasing number of vaccines given to babies, especially when these are for diseases that are either uncommon or rarely serious, Dr Halvorsen founded BabyJabs in response to parents’ concerns about vaccine safety and demands for a greater choice of vaccines for their children.

Babyjabs.co.uk continues his work and his updated book ‘Vaccines:Making the Right Choice for Your Child’ gives invaluable assessment of each vaccine, its pros and cons, and a suggested alternative schedule for concerned parents.