Why Is Our Immunity Under Attack?

There’s a massive increase in both the number of children and adults with allergic-like reactions to foods and chemicals and the severity of these reactions, as well as auto-immune disease, where the immune system, which should be our friend, starts attacking, not only foods and chemicals but our body. Many people are cruising out of covid or vaccination highly compromised, with such auto-immune issues. What is going on?


In this podcast I interview Antony Haynes, author of the award-winning Food Intolerance Bible, a pioneer in functional medicine and leading expert in auto-immune disease with 30 years’ experience.

Therefore, one of the most common approaches he recommends to his clients involves, not just avoidance, but support for mucosal immunity & integrity, in order to improve oral tolerance. Join us at the cutting edge of science and successful resolution of immune system break downs to learn how to turn to your immune system into your friend, not your foe.