How to Starve Cancer


With Jane McLelland

There’s nothing like impending death to sharpen resolve. Faced with grade 4 lung cancer secondaries (there’s no grade 5), my podcast guest Jane McLelland sharpened her scientific mind and delved deep into how to starve cancer and kill it, which she did twice when it returned as leukaemia.

Her (just out) new second edition of her book ‘How to Starve Cancer and Kill it with Ferroptosis’ is, in my opinion, a masterpiece representing a paradigm shift in understanding how to kill cancer. Professor Thomas Seyfried, a hero of mine who has the best success with aggressive brain cancers, describes it as ‘A monumental accomplishment. A strategy for surviving advanced cancer regardless of the tissue or organ involved. Jane has done a great service to mankind!” I agree with him.

In vibrant health, this former chartered physiotherapist has charted the murky water that too many people find themselves in and found a way through.

As well as listening to this podcast her book and online course are available from