Soil is Food is Medicine

With Craig Sams
This week I’m joined by Craig Sams. He has always been a mover and shaker in the world of whole foods, but also where food comes from – the soil. In the 60’s he founded Whole Earth Foods, introducing the first organic brown rice for the emerging natural foods market. In the 90’s Craig and his wife Jo started Green & Blacks, the first organic chocolate and the first product ever to carry the Fairtrade Mark. More recently from 2000 he was chairman of the Soil Association, Director of Duchy Originals, supporting Prince Charles’s effort to bring organic food to the people. He also chaired Slow Food UK. He founded Carbon Gold, to make biochar, a soil enricher to create healthy top soil, capture carbon and reverse global warming. We will talk about this.

We are going to explore to what extent our current climate issues and health from covid to cancer, could be a consequence of soil abuse.  We are going to discuss everything from soil to food to health, including the vital importance of the vast fungal network encompassing the earth, why modern farming and food is killing the earth and people, the organic vs genetically modified food debate, why viral pandemics are an entirely expected consequence and the dangers of ignoring our own immune system’s needs for nutrients, the risk to our continuation as a species from xenoestrogens and the problems we are creating for ourselves by just relying on drugs and vaccines. This podcast will leave you with a much bigger picture of the connectedness of things and the kind of direction our lifestyles must take to be healthy and create a healthier planet.