Why Are You Vaccine Hesitant?


With Dr Bnar Talabani

With one third of the UK population unvaccinated, and to give both sides of the argument a fair airing, in today’s podcast I’ve invited Dr Bnar Talabani, a hospital doctor and a scientist currently completing a PhD in immunology.

She has been volunteering with the British Society of Immunology and Team Halo to produce science backed content on the covid vaccines on social media and other channels to help facilitate informed decision making and combat vaccine misinformation. Having straw-polled my subscribers to Facebook and Instagram for their concerns re covid vaccination we discuss your concerns. This post will also include links to key studies referred to giving evidence to support or refute various points relating to ivermectin, vitamin D, toxicity of spike protein, natural vs vaccinated immunity and other key points for your further consideration so you have the most information available to make up your own mind.

As an expert in nutrition my primary wish it that everyone, whether vaccinated or not, know how to minimise severity and duration of infection with vitamin C, D and zinc and other immune-supporting nutrients.