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Coconut oil benefits for Alzheimer’s & weight loss

Virgin-pressed coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) with convert directly into ketones. Recent evidence suggests ketones help you lose weight,...

January 8, 2013

Why I don’t recommend the HPV123 Gardasil ‘cervical cancer’ vaccine

You can’t turn a corner in London today without seeing ads scaring mothers to get their teenage daughters vaccinated against...

December 16, 2012

Alternate day ‘IF’ fasting on BBC

Last month's Horizon TV programme on how to live longer, gain health and lose weight by eating less through intermittent...

October 31, 2012

Cancer – screening risks.. vitamins help

A report out today concludes that, for every life breast cancer mammogram screening saves, three women have unnecessary surgery. A...

October 30, 2012

Drugs may double dementia risk

Benzodiazepine sleeping and anti-anxiety pills such as temazapam and diazepam may double dementia risk, according to research published in the...

September 29, 2012

Food Hospital on Eczema and Arthritis

It’s good to see Channel 4’s food hospital back, this week on eczema and rheumatoid arthritis. It coincides with a...

September 21, 2012

Large fizzy drinks banned in New York, will the UK follow suit?

Anyone in their right mind knows that it's sugar that's driving diabetes and other diseases, not a deficiency of new...

September 20, 2012

Q&A Blog on heart disease and strokes

As a member of my Heart Health Club I welcome your questions on cholesterol, blood pressure, angina, preventing, reversing and...

September 14, 2012

Omega 3s improve reading, behaviour and heart risk

A new study shows that giving children omega 3 supplements improves reading and behaviour. A 'meta-analysis' on increasing omega 3...

September 12, 2012

Indigestion? Beware PPI Drugs

Today’s Daily Mail warns of the dangers of drugs known as proton-pump inhibitors, usually ending in ‘...prazole’. Thirty six million...

July 24, 2012

UK’s no.1 drug firm GSK fined $3billion

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has pleaded guilty to criminal charges relating to anti-depressant and diabetes drug frauds and agreed to pay $3...

July 5, 2012

Low GL diets boost metabolic rate

The conventional view is that you can’t change your basic metabolic rate. But this new study shows that low GL...

June 26, 2012

Sugar makes you fat, sad and stupid

The three part BBC series 'the men who made us fat' explains that it is sugar primarily (and high fructose...

June 16, 2012

Should 50 year olds be taking statins?

Today’s meta-analysis apparently presents a good case for giving those over 50, at low risk for heart disease, statins for...

May 17, 2012

Do coffee drinkers die young or live long?

Every day Britons drink 70 million cups of coffee – roughly two each per adult. Is it good or bad...

May 17, 2012

Aspirin stops B vitamins’ benefit

Homocysteine, an indicator of a lack of B vitamins (B6, B12 or folic acid), is a excellent predictor of heart...

May 13, 2012

How much weight have you lost on my GL Diet?

Aemonn lost 7 stone (45kg) in 7 months and reversed his high blood pressure. Wendy lost 6 stone and reversed...

May 11, 2012

Healthy Ageing book No.3 bestseller

As we sail out of Ireland the Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing has gone to No.3 best seller.

May 2, 2012

What causes osteo and rheumatoid arthritis?

One in two people over 50 complain of knee and joint pain – the beginnings of osteoarthritis.

April 26, 2012

Suicide dangers of duloxetine for arthritis

The Daily Mail and Express are promoting duloxetine for arthritis, a potentially dangerous drug linked to increased suicide risk and...

April 25, 2012