Lower your Cholesterol without Drugs

Positive changes that provide a winning formula for optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

How to lower your cholesterol without drugs There are many ways to lower cholesterol naturally without resorting to statin drugs that block the body’s ability to make it in the first place. The reason why this is a better place to start is firstly because it helps you address the true underlying causes of high cholesterol and secondly because cholesterol lowering drugs have significant side-effects. That being said, everything in this report can be done alongside cholesterol lowering drugs.

My one provision is to encourage you to also take CoQ10 if you are on statins. The positive changes you can make that have a direct effect on your cholesterol levels are:
• Following a low GL diet
• Increase plant sterols and soluble fibres
• Supplementing high dose niacin (B3), plus a high strength multi and extra vitamin C and magnesium
• Increasing omega 3 fats, both from diet by eating fish, and from supplements
• Exercising and losing weight with a low GL diet
• Reducing your stress level Putting all these factors together is a winning formula.

Mike T is a case in point. “In mid-April I had my blood checked and found my cholesterol to be 6.5. I do eat really healthily and felt that my condition was due to hereditary cholesterol rather than dietary factors. A friend had reduced theirs through the supplements recommended in your book, so I thought it was worth a try. Five weeks later I went for a second blood test to find my cholesterol had dropped to 5.1. My GP couldn’t believe it! He would not wholeheartedly acknowledge the success, but he didn’t knock it either, saying whatever you are taking is working – come back in a year!”

Another success story is that of Andrew from Dublin. His cholesterol was 8.8 mmol/l. He was also gaining weight, feeling tired and stressed, and not sleeping well. He was put on statins and, six months later, it was 8.7. The lack of response, plus side-effects, led him to stop. Andrew attended one of my 100% health workshops, changed his diet and started taking supplements including high dose niacin, vitamin C and omega 3. Three weeks later, he had lost 10 pounds, his energy levels were great, he no longer felt stressed and he was sleeping much better. And his cholesterol level had dropped to a healthy 4.9. Your ideal cholesterol The medical profession’s obsession with lowering total cholesterol below 5, and some say even lower, is not consistent with the evidence of what really correlates with risk. Ideally, you want: Total cholesterol below 5.2 mmol/l HDL cholesterol above 1.6mmol/l Cholesterol/HDL ratio equal to or less than 3/1 Triglycerides below 1 mmol/l Triglycerides/HDL equal to or less than 2/1 This is the Holy Grail and when you achieve this there is really no need for medication.

The low Glycaemic Load diet is the key Official diet advice is that we should eat lots of starchy carbohydrates such as bread, rice and potatoes. But it is exactly these high glycaemic load foods that raise your blood sugar and cholesterol levels; examples include the bread and cakes made from refined flour that rapidly releases glucose into the blood stream. As a way of lowering the risk of heart disease, this is far from ideal. Because they make blood sugar levels soar, high glycaemic foods cause more of the fat-storing hormone insulin

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