How much weight have you lost on my GL Diet?

Aemonn lost 7 stone (45kg) in 7 months and reversed his high blood pressure. Wendy lost 6 stone and reversed her diabetes. Julie lost 19lbs in six weeks, and eight inches off her waist. What health transformations have you had on my Low GL Diet? There’s a prize..

I’m really interested to know what has worked for you. In a recent trial of 21 volunteers the average weight loss was over 1 stone (7kg) in twelve weeks but their cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure all came down too. Many diabetics have reported rapid control of their blood sugar. if you’ve been following the programme in my new book Say No to Diabetes how’s it going? Have you tried the supplements and/or glucomannan fibre? if you have started my diet following either the Low GL Diet Bible or the Low GL Diet Cookbook how are you doing? I’d like to hear from you. Also, there’s a prize for the best overall health transformation posted in May of my new Ten Secrets Cookbook with delicious recipes from my kitchen wizard Fiona McDonald Joyce, all low GL and high in antioxidants, essential fats and vital B vitamins. Just post your story below.