The Science of What Works is Very Clear

The journal NUTRIENTS is the highest ranking nutrition journal on the world. My paper ‘”Vitamin C—An Adjunctive Therapy for Respiratory Infection, Sepsis and COVID-19″ has been selected as ‘editor’s choice’. It has been downloaded over 27,000 times and cited in 56 other science papers. Despite our governments’ total denial of any role of vitamins in combatting the virus I thought you’d appreciate seeing a few of the other titles selected as lead papers by the editor.

Effects of a 2-Week 5000 IU versus 1000 IU Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Recovery of Symptoms in Patients with Mild to Moderate Covid-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Vitamin D and Lung Outcomes in Elderly COVID-19 Patients

Low Zinc Levels at Admission Associates with Poor Clinical Outcomes in SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Dietary Supplements during COVID-19 Outbreak. Results of Google Trends Analysis Supported by PLifeCOVID-19 Online Studies

High-Dose Cholecalciferol Booster Therapy is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Mortality in Patients with COVID-19: A Cross-Sectional Multi-Centre Observational Study

Vitamin D Supplementation Associated to Better Survival in Hospitalized Frail Elderly COVID-19 Patients: The GERIA-COVID Quasi-Experimental Study

Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency on COVID-19—A Prospective Analysis from the CovILD Registry

Selenium Deficiency Is Associated with Mortality Risk from COVID-19

Feasibility of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Post Viral Fatigue with Focus on Long COVID, Based on a Systematic Review of IV Vitamin C on Fatigue

The science is very clear: vitamin C, D, zinc, selenium work. People have been taking these supplements since the beginning of the pandemic and benefitting greatly from them. Why do our governments and health authorities not tell us how to protect ourselves, except from patentable profitable drugs or treatments? I think you know the answer.

Here’s my paper for those who wish to dig deeper.