Dukan Diet labelled ‘worst celebrity diet’

One of the most popular celebrity diet plans, the Dukan Diet, has taken the top spot in the British Dietetic Association’s annual list of ‘worst celebrity diets to avoid this New Year,” whilst a low GL diet is approved by the Scientific Advisory Board on Weight Management.

The plan, said to be followed by celebrities such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lopez and Giselle, has been slammed by the BDA, who have labelled the diet ‘confusing, rigid and ineffective’ and said it has ‘absolutely no solid science behind it at all’. The Dukan is a four-phase diet which starts with a protein-only diet which promotes weight loss of around 7lb per week. However, despite the quick weight loss, followers may experience a number of unpleasant side effects including constipation, kidney problems and B vitamin deficiency.

It has also been criticised for being boring, difficult to adhere to and unlikely to have long lasting results. However, one celebrity diet plan which has been shown to safely and effectively help weight loss … The Glycaemic Load (GL) Diet is a low-carb diet plan that makes healthy eating and weight loss simple, and is a favourite of Hollywood star Halle Berry, who swears by this way of eating. According to evidence from the Scientific Advisory Board on Weight Management there has been: “Substantial and consistent scientific evidence of the highest quality to show that a Low GL diet is more effective than conventional low fat or low carb diets, causes more weight loss on the same calories, reduces hunger and sugar cravings, is easy to maintain and good for your health.”

The GL diet is a more advanced version of the GI (Glycaemic Index) diet, but is more accurate. GI does tell you whether the glucose of a food is fast or slow releasing however it doesn’t tell you how much of the food is carbohydrate. GL tells you both therefore being a far more accurate assessment of the effect of the food. If you’re planning on following a low GL diet to get back in shape this New Year, my Low GL Diet Bible gives you all the help and advice you need to be able to start your low GL diet today. The plan will help you beat your cravings, whilst you can still enjoy delicious meals and choose from a wide variety of energy-boosting foods and simple menu plans. And for more ideas for recipes try my Low GL Diet Cookbook or Food Glorious Food.