Will Vitamins C & D Work Against Omicron

Both vitamin C and D are not variant specific because there primary mode of action is to support the body’s innate immune system which reacts in a variety of ways against viral attack, not just in a specific antibody reaction to a spike protein. Does a vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D protocol work against Omicron? We don’t know but if you do become infected please try this protocol – www.vitaminC4covid.com/recommendations and let me know what happens. Practically, I take one ImmuneC (vitamin C + zinc + black elderberry) every hour until symptoms go away, starting with a ‘loading dose’ of 3. I also take 3,000iu of vitamin D a day. If you haven’t been doing this take 7x the dose – 21,000iu immediately, then re-dose in a week. A full strategy is explained in my book Flu Fighters.

Vaccines, in contrast, trigger the acquired or learned immune system. In the case of mRNA vaccines this is made even more narrowly targetted by injecting in a specific spike protein. The concern re Omicron is that it has many attributes to suggest current vaccines will be considerably less effective.

Claims from Pfizer that their vaccine is ‘75% effective’ against Omicron have to be taken with a pinch of salt, partly because they are not yet published in a peer-review journal, but mainly because trials run by the sellers of drugs nearly always big up the effectiveness. I cannot, however, find this figure in Pfizer’s own press release so it’s another example of something leaked to the press without substantiation. That is why it is essential to wait for ‘third party’ trials. An example of this is their original claim of ‘95% effective’ against coronavirus which then got downgraded when studies not run by Pfizer started to be published. A Swedish study [https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3949410] showed 79% efficacy which waned to 42% after 6 months, thus almost halving in effectiveness. Waning of effectiveness was “most notable among men, older frail individuals, and individuals with co-morbidities.”

If the same principles apply this suggests that Pfizer vaccine will be more like 62% effective against Omicron, waning to 33% effective after six months. This would mean that one in three people, if infected, would benefit. In a way, this poor result will help sell boosters as it implies everyone will need a booster every six months.

But there is a problem with regular vaccines and boosters. Each represents an insult to the immune system with its own toxicity from injecting spike proteins, including increased clotting. The spike proteins attach to ACE2 receptors concentrated in the lungs, which is why the symptoms of adverse vaccine reactions can be similar to covid symptoms. This is most likely why adverse reactions to the second jab are greater than the first. The same could reasonably be expected with each successive booster. Also, the most ‘at risk’ people are probably more likely to have adverse reactions and have a faster waning of effectiveness.

I already know three friends who have had extreme reactions. One recovered after 4 days, another has not fully recovered after 2 weeks, the other is on day 3 of feeling awful and has said ‘never again’.

Florida’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has issued a statement urging Floridans to “Talk to your health care provider about how certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and quercetin.” The protein digesting enzyme bromelain helps break down clots and Dr Malcolm Kendrick recommends taking a low dose aspirin for two weeks post vaccination to reduce risk of clotting. Vaccination is not the only option for reducing severity and duration of infection and transmission.

The other unknown is just how bad Omicron will be. Some experts in South Africa say not very. According to the South African doctor, Angelique Coetzee, who foud the Omicrton variant “Quite simply, I have been stunned at the response – and especially from Britain.And let me be clear: nothing I have seen about this new variant warrants the extreme action the UK government has taken in response to it. No one here in South Africa is known to have been hospitalised with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it.”Reuters reports ‘preliminary data suggest that this new version of the coronavirus causes milder disease than prior variants’. But, much like the hype about Delta, mainstream media imply Omicron is more contagious. Whether this is the case and will translate to more or less deadly time will tell. I get weekly statistics from government and ICU data and will update you. So far, there is no upturn.

Also, if you are vaccine-hesitant, why are you? Tomorrow I’m interviewing a doctor whose mission is to convert vaccine-hesitant to become vaccinated so I need to represent your concerns. Please let me know asap by posting a comment in the linked facebook post. The closing date for these comments is 9am on Wednesday.