Whose healthier – men or women?

A survey we carried out this month has revealed that men consider themselves healthier and happier than women in general.

The nationwide study of 2,000 men and women found that men reported a higher rate of happiness when it came to their weight, shape, appearance, and the way they are perceived by others (55%). Women, on the other hand, were more self-conscious and slightly less satisfied with their happiness levels at around 49%.

Men don’t feel stressed as often either. Almost 60% of male respondents said they only felt stressed once a month, whereas 60% of women said they felt anxious once a week or more.

Over 70% of men also claim they rarely felt depressed or had mood swings, compared to half of women (50%) who admitted to feeling low or unhappy at least once a month, if not more.

Male respondents reported that they were less likely to have trouble sleeping at night – 51% said restless sleep occurred around once a week or more, compared to 60% of women.

Headaches, bloating or poor digestion were less of a problem among men. Almost half (49%) said they rarely got headaches, compared to 64% women who said they experienced them at least once a month or more. For 70% of men, bloating and poor digestion would only occur once a month or less, but almost half (43%) of women said it was a weekly or daily problem.

Men also reported higher satisfaction levels when it came to their professional lives, from job security (51%) and salary (45%) through to career prospects (46%) and overall finances (50%).

The general perception is that women are more health conscious, but what this survey shows is that women do actually have more health issues to deal with, especially relating to digestion, mood, anxiety and sleep.

However, the survey also showed that a high percentage of both genders are suffering from regular sleep problems, headaches, low mood and stress. Many people believe that these issues are a normal part of life. In fact you can resolve most of these complaints if you aim for optimum health – indicated by high energy levels, good mood and no pain. If you eat the right food, exercise and make time to relax, you can achieve this .

If you are experiencing issues with digestion, sleep, mood, headaches or stress and would like to aim for optimum health visit this page for advice and practical help and a chance to win a year’s membership of my 100% Health Club which helps you to work out exactly what you need to change to achieve optimum health.