Safe natural ways to solve common health problems

Never a week goes by without someone asking me what they can do for this or that condition. So, after 30 years of clinical and research experience, and treating thousands of people, I have created one resource that tells you what really works for the most common health problems we experience – not by suppressing symptoms, but by understanding why we get sick in the first place and dealing with the root causes.

My new book called Good Medicine is a guide to the most effective, safe and natural ways that help prevent and reverse many illnesses.

Why we get sick and why a natural approach makes sense

Most health conditions you are likely to experience, especially the chronic diseases, are mostly the result of too much of the bad stuff and/or not enough of the good stuff. Yes, as simple as that. If you have too much bad stuff your health will tend to list towards ill health, if you have lots of the good stuff and not much bad stuff you’ll tend to be healthy.

What’s ‘bad’?

Put simply – a poor diet based on refined foods, a lack of exercise, bad posture, smoking and drinking, pollution, lack of sunlight, insufficient sleep, a lack of love and fun and/or taking pharmaceutical drugs to address ill health. All of these will send your body into an unhealthy ‘inflammatory’ state, and all kinds of body systems become out of balance.

How to sort it out

If you’ve been doing all or some of the bad stuff, it’s likely your ‘seesaw’ of health is tilted towards disease. So to tilt it back to health, you’ll need to remove nearly all the bad stuff and introduce a great deal more of the good stuff to undo the damage. Once you’ve got your health back you don’t need to be so extreme – you will find that a healthy diet and lifestyle and just a few supplements will maintain good your health.

When you’re sick increase nutrients

So, when your system is sick, you need much more nutrients to restore health. For example, I try to eat a red onion every day, I often eat olives and I use turmeric liberally on my food. This is all good for health but if I had arthritis I would supplement a concentrate of curcumin which is the active ingredient in turmeric, plus quercetin, the active ingredient in red onions and oleocanthal, the active ingredient in olives, to help reduce the inflammation and the pain.

The causes of most diseases are many

Although you might think you can pinpoint one cause of your illness the truth is that most diseases happen only when you’ve lost your resilience as a result of many years of accumulated bad health habits. The trick to restoring health is to push the seesaw of health the other way, giving it larger quantities of the good stuff to compensate for the bad stuff that affected your health in the past. When you increase your health reserve through good medicine, your body will have resilience, so that the slightest insult or period of unavoidable stress will not tip you into ill-health once again.

Trust evolution and your natural design

The design of your body is utterly remarkable; it has been shaped by millions of years of evolution. So why take a drug that has been designed to block some part of your body’s natural chemistry or have an organ like your appendix or tonsils removed when a change in a diet or an identification of an allergy will return you to health? You have to enquire into the fundamental causes of your diseases if you want to solve them.

Real freedom, health and happiness come from conforming to your natural design, not trying to cheat it.

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