Why debt and recession is bad for your health

If you are suffering as a result of recession, and under the immense stress of real or pending debt; if you are confused about how countries can pump billions of currency into the banking system, or go bust; if you have effectively become enslaved, working harder and harder, to cover your own costs; then you might be interested in knowing how money is made – why all money is debt – how the ultimate control over people, the modern day equivalent of slavery, is achieved through money.

If so, I would strongly recommend you see the film Zeitgeist Addendum. This is free on Google. You might want to skip the first 5 minutes. It’s highly thought provoking. I’d be very interested to know what you think. When President Obama blames the current recession on greed what does he mean? If greed or debt gets you hooked into the money trap, what gets you hooked into the healthcare (or diseasecare) trap? Think about health for a minute. We’ve had over 50 years of modern medicine. We spend over $600 billion a year on prescription drugs.

Are we healthier? It is clear the whole world is suffering from an ever-increasing epidemic of obesity, diabetes and associated conditions from breast cancer to Alzheimer’s. Is this the sign of a more or less healthy population? How did we get here? Isn’t it a combination of our own ignorance about what our body actually needs in the way of food, the easy access to highly desirable foods and drinks, and our addiction to their effects that gets us in a mess? Then what? The sicker you get the more drugs you need. The more drugs you take the sicker you get. Now you’re enslaved, and in debt, to the healthcare system, either paying for it yourself or paying for it through taxes. The sole purpose of my books, and the 100% Health Club is to inform you so you stay healthy in the first place, and to empower you to be a master of your health so you don’t need drugs.

Books like Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs shows you how the system works, and gives a blueprint for a sustainable health care service; How to Quit Without Feeling Shit shows you how to break free from chemical addiction, be it for legal, illicit or prescription drugs. While the Optimum Nutrition Bible is a manual for putting you back in charge of your health. My 100% Health Workshop (next one of February 28th) and on-line 100% Health Programme gives you the fast-track back to health. You can get out of health debt, but first you have to understand how the system, and your own body systems work.