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Our mission is to get you 100% healthy. We can help you think differently about your health, putting it to the top of your to-do list. We'll give you all the tools, advice and facts you need to get 100% healthy, keeping things perfectly simple so you can make realistic changes to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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Joyce no longer has diabetes and is kick- boxing in her 80's Ruth is arthritis free and stays young and healthy in her 70's Aemonn, in his 60's, lost 7 stone (45kg) in seven months

"The detail of the 100% health report is amazing. I felt like I was getting a couple of thousand pounds worth of nutritional advice. Very good value." Mukti M

Easy to Complete Questionnaire

We make it easy for you to check your progress by giving you access to the questionnaire whenever you want and wherever you are. Simply complete it as often as you wish, so you can see how you're doing and what you need to work on. It's unique, it's inspiring and it's just the encouragement you need to improve your health.

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When you've completed the 100% Health Programme Questionnaire you'll get a personal action plan making the steps you need to take to improve your health, clear and simple. You'll soon be on your way to achieving 100% health and living life to the full.

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Membership of the 100% Health Club makes it easier for you to become and stay 100% healthy by giving you support, information and saving you money on healthy food, supplements, books and events.

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Here’s what you get:
  • Your personal 100% Health Programme, a 30 page plan tailored for you to achieve top level health.
  • A monthly online health reassessment to recalculate your goals and priorities, and chart your progress as you move towards 100% health.
  • My 100% Health newsletter every other month, plus instant access to all past newsletters online, to keep you motivated and informed. See what you are missing here.
  • Special Reports each month and access to my library of hundreds of reports on important health issues such as stopping arthritic pain, balancing hormones, lowering cholesterol and reversing diabetes – and the truth about milk, soya, statins and other controversial issues.
  • Hotline to Holford – a Q&A for members only

A free copy of a Patrick Holford book worth £12.99.

A free copy of the 100% Health Survey worth £9.99– a detailed survey defining 100% health from in depth analysis of the first 55,000 people to take the 100% Health Check.

20% off seminars and events saving £20 per workshop

Up to 30% off all books and supplements from (up to 15% on foods)

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100% Health Programme

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  • Single personal 100% Health Programme assessment
  • Receive a comprehensive 30 page PDF report
  • Receive my e-news updating you on nutrition and health

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  • Complete the 100% Health Questionnaire
  • Find out your health score, weakest areas for attention, bio-age, metabolic check score

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  • Free 100% Health programme worth £25
  • Plus unlimited use - worth £25 a month
  • Free Patrick Holford book of your choice worth £12.99
  • Free 100% Health Survey worth £9.99
  • Up to 30% off books and supplements & free delivery  ( On orders over £30.00)
  • Up to 15% off all foods from
  • 20% off seminars save £20 on each workshop
  • Patrick Holford’s exclusive bi-monthly Newsletter
  • Exclusive monthly Special Reports
  • Hotline to Holford –a Q&A for members only
  • Members online forum – share health tips

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