The Link Between High-Fat Diet And Type 2 Diabetes

The connection between high levels of body fat, inflammation and insulin resistance has been unclear for years.

However, research in the journal Nature Immunology, has found that saturated fat– but not oleic acid in olive oil, can activate immune cells to produce an inflammatory protein called interleukin-1beta. This activation can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes because interleukin-1beta then works on various tissues and organs (such as the liver, muscle and fat), turning off their response to insulin. This study highlights the importance of avoiding excess ‘bad’ saturated fats from meat and dairy, whereas the anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 fats (from fish, nuts and seeds) may help counter the production of interleukin-1beta. The highest consumers of omega-3-rich fish are the Alaskans, Inuits and the Japanese, all of whom have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.The best advice is to follow my low-GL diet which helps improve insulin-resistance. Eating a low-GL diet works so well, because it reduces intake of the harmful types of fat and carbohydrate while increasing protein and healthy fats.