Thai Fish Cakes

These are quite, quite delicious and another of my husband Nick’s great favourites. Needless to say, though, they are light years away from the type of fish cakes that are stuffed to the gills with potato, milk and butter. This is a light, highly flavoured, Oriental-style cake packed with nutritious superfoods. Serve with rice and steam-fried or stir-fried vegetables and the dipping sauce.


For the cakes

4 garlic cloves, crushed

2 large mild, red chillies, deseeded

2 tbsp root ginger, peeled

4 spring onions, topped and tailed grated zest of 2 limes

4 tbsp coriander

4 tbsp tamari, soy sauce or fish sauce 2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

4 x 125g (41/2 oz) salmon, haddock, cod or hake fillets, skinned and boned

4 tbsp cornflour

1 tbsp coconut oil or mild or medium (not extra virgin) olive oil

For the sauce

2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce

juice of 2 limes

8 spring onions, finely chopped

4 tbsp coriander, finely chopped

2 tbsp sesame seeds, lightly toasted in a dry frying pan


1 Put the garlic, chilli, ginger, spring onions, lime zest and coriander into a food processor with the tamari, soy or fish sauce and sesame oil and blend. Add the fish and blend until the mixture is finely chopped but not entirely smooth.

2 Shape the mixture into 12 patties, squash them down into flat circles and dust them lightly with flour. Place them in the fridge to firm up.

3 To make the dipping sauce, blend the sesame oil, tamari or soy, lime juice, spring onions and coriander together until smooth, then stir in the sesame seeds.

4 Heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok and fry the fish cakes for 3–4 minutes on each side until golden. You will need to do this in batches. Drain on kitchen paper and serve with the dipping sauce.

Cook’s Notes

Wheat-free if you use tamari, dairy-free.


From Delicious, Health Sugar Free by Patrick Holford and Fiona McDonald Joyce. With special thanks to Fiona McDonald Joyce for use of these recipes for Holford Health Club members.

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