Is the 4th Wave an Invention?

There’s something fishy going on. If you watch the BBC news you’d have the impression that coronavirus cases and deaths are rising. The first fishiness is that the BBC report the number of cases NOT the percentage testing positive. This is so obviously misleading because, if you test more people you get more cases. As one professor of statistics said ‘If you run more IQ tests you’ll find more morons.’ The only relevant statistic is what percentage of tests are coronavirus positive? That’s shown in the chart below – and it’s flat. Nothing like this time last year.

So how can the BBC claim cases are rising? Here’s the second fishiness. Literally week on week since September the number of tests being run is rising, step by step. Is this being engineered? It’s a remarkable coincidence. As a consequence, so too is the number of cases, step by step. But the percentage of positive tests stays the same and well below the 5% mark which the WHO says is the point of concern re lockdowns. (When Andrew Marr leaves the BBC to ‘get his own voice back’, following in the footsteps of Andrew Neil, it indicates how controlled the BBC is.)

Most importantly, are deaths rising? No. Every week I get given the numbers from the Intensive Care National Audit Research Centre (ICNARC) and Deaths with (not of) coronavirus positive status are not going up. Nor are covid deaths in ICUs. Nor are covid admissions into ICUs. This is completely different to the same time frame last year. Also, last year, one in eight covid deaths were in ICUs and now it’s more like one in three. ICU deaths are a very reliable indicator of what’s going on.

Of course, this is good news. But is it to do with vaccination? If it is true that coronavirus is ravaging EU countries, according to the New York Times, the UK (68% vaccinated) is behind Belgium (75%), Italy and the Netherlands (73%), France (69%), Germany (68%) and just ahead of Austria (66%) then vaccination rate doesn’t explain why the UK is doing comparatively well.

So, why the belief that boosters are the only answer? Germany’s health minister said, by the end of the winter people will either be ‘vaccinated, recovered or dead’, ignoring the fact that over 99% of people do not become infected and only a small percentage of those that do test positive become symptomatic and only a small percentage of those actually die. If it’s not vaccines that’s saving people what is it? I don’t know but the reality is more and more people in the UK are supplementing both vitamin C and D. This should, at least, be considered a contender.

As Peter Doshi, associate editor of the British Medical Journal, when talking about apparent ‘everybody knows’ says: “ If ‘everybody knows’ this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated why would boosters be necessary?’

So, is this a pandemic of the unvaccinated? I’ve been asking all sources for data on the percentage of vaccinated vs unvaccinated for ICU admissions and deaths for the past two months. Still nothing. Back in September the Office of National Statistics reports that 1.1 in 100,000 of the vaccinated died versus 6.9 of the unvaccinated. This means that one more person in 16,000 dies possibly as a result of not being vaccinated. If the infection rate is around 3.5%, as it is now, that’s 560 infected people. So, if 560 infected people were given a single high dose of vitamin D and enough vitamin C to take 8+ grams a day until well, would that prevent one death? What the science shows to date is that: 70-80% of deaths occur in those very low in vitamin C; giving outpatients 8 grams of vitamin C improves recovery rate by 70%; deaths in critically ill in ICUs drop by up to 80% with intravenous vitamin C; and there are effectively no deaths in those with high vitamin D (>125nmol/l).

So this approach has to be not only possible but plausible and certainly worth testing. If it did save one life in 560 infected people that would mean that a vitamin C & D prevention and early treatment strategy would be as effective as vaccination and certainly cheaper and a lot safer.

Our government agencies continue to side step and ignore the evidence for vitamin C and D. Last week another top quality ‘randomised controlled trial’ finds vitamin C improves recovery in COVID-19 patients. In a hospital in Tehran 54 patients with covid pneumonia were randomly assigned to received either standard treatment or standard treatment plus 2 grams of vitamin C given intravenously every 6 hours (8g per day) for five days. Those receiving vitamin C had improved oxygenation, going from 86 to 90, improved respiration and improved lung status on CT scans on the sixth day, compared to those in the standard treatment group. All these results were statistically significant.

My greatest fear is that what is happening now is a media and governmental spin designed, not only to crank up booster uptake, but to mandate an experimental drug (the dictionary definition of ‘vaccine’ had to be changed in February to enable ‘mRNA injections to be classified as a vaccine) with the greatest number of associated adverse reactions and deaths of any vaccine in history. This is a fundamental insult to human rights of freedom, justice and science.

I am most inspired by the 10 minute statement of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano from Rome calling for an Anti-Globalist Alliance to ‘stop global enslavement of humanity’. A good film to watch is The Four Horsemen on youtube by Renegade Inc. You’ll see big pharma and big money have the same strategy.