Bioage check – What age are you really?

My new bioage check launches today. Are you ageing faster or slower then your number of years? Click here to do your health check now.

I am pleased to announce that my new bioage check as an addition to my health check launches today. How old are you, in real terms? Are you ageing slower or faster than your number of years and, if so, what can you do about it? Your body and brain are made out of cells that effectively repair and replace body parts, turn food into energy and have efficient waste disposal. But the older you get the less efficient these processes become. This shows up as less physical and mental flexibility, wrinklier skin, worsening eyesight, loss of muscle strength to name a few signs. To compliment the launch of my new book The Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing I have launched the new bioage check which allows you to find out how fast you are ageing, and how to slow it down. We all know people who look older than their age, and envy those who look younger and seem to age more slowly. You can’t change your chronological age, but you can change your biological age. This revolutionary new online check will work out whether your biological age is greater than your chronological age and if it is, explains what you can do to slow down your rate of ageing. The bioage check automatically calculates your biological age and explains what you can do to reduce your score, or at least reduce the speed by which you age biologically. The check involves answering questions about your symptoms, diet and lifestyle along with your mental agility and memory and takes 20 minutes to complete. Click here to do the bioage check now. You may be in for a suprise!