Stop Craving Sugar

  • 27 Nov 2015
  • Reading time 8 mins
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Everyone likes sugar, and the more you have the more you want. You get used to higher and higher levels of sweetness so that after a while the desire for sweet foods can literally take over.

Often, if you are eating excess sugar you will also suffer from hyperactivity, im-pulsive behaviour and poor concentration. Too much sugar leads to blood sugar peaks and troughs. The troughs make you tired, so if you have a sugar habit you will proba-bly also go for caffeinated drinks and other stimulants to counter the sugar blues. Sugar, just like cocaine and heroin, stimulates dopamine and endorphins, leading to reward deficiency.1

Dr Candace Pert, Research Professor in the Department of Physiology and Bio-physics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC, says ‘I consider sugar to be a drug, a highly purified plant product that can become addictive. Relying on an artificial form of glucose – sugar – to give us a quick pick-me-up is analogous to, if not as dangerous as, shooting heroin’.2

What is more, whether you have a serious sugar problem or a mild one, just sub-stituting foods or drinks with artificial sweeteners doesn’t reset your sweet tooth. As with any addiction it takes time and good nutrition to get your brain’s chemistry back into balance.

What sugar does

Of course, with too much sugar comes other problems such as weight gain, diabe-tes, heart disease, kidney problems, thrush, failing eyesight and numbness in the fin-gers and toes. You might have decided to curb your sweet tooth because of one of these problems or just because you recognise that you have become addicted.

How you might feel when you quit

If you just quit all sugar and sweet foods completely, with none of the nutritional support we recommend, you will simply crave it. You may feel more tired and low, lacking in motivation. It takes about a week for these symptoms to recede to an ex-tent. It takes a week for your blood sugar levels to adjust to the lack of a constant, daily fix.

How supplements will help

On the other hand, if you also take the amino acid, vitamins and mineral supple-ments that I recommend, the results are very different. This is because a lot of people crave sugar due to an underlying serotonin deficiency. By giving the right amino acids to correct this (mainly tryptophan and/or 5-HTP) sugar cravings often reduce sub-stantially and, with that, excessive weight gain. The full content of this report is only viewable by 100% Health Club members.

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