The 5 Day Diet Works Every Time – 49kg Lost in 5 Days

hybrid may retreat participants

In May I held the third Hybrid ‘5 Day Diet’ Retreat and watched seventeen people lose 50 kg of weight mainly as fat – this approach is clearly a winner. This averages out at almost 3kg or 7lbs per person. Since we were measuring change in body fat percentage we know that almost all of this is body fat.

The biggest loser was Joanna M who lost 5kg or (11lbs). Her great delight was to rediscover her ankles! I want to stress here that the 5 Day Diet is not only about weight loss – it is about cellular rejuvenation and you can literally see the transformation of the people on our retreats.

Charles, who had come from a renowned London clinic the week before, on a mission to lose weight, lost more in half the time and a lot less than half the cost.

We test everyone’s ketones and glucose every day and while many say you cannot get into ketosis in under 3 days we get almost everyone there in a day. Then, as glucose levels drop and ketones rise the body switches over into running on ketones, made from burning body fat (as well as C8 oil and other dietary fats).

As a guide, once your ketones are at least half your glucose (GlucoseKetoneIndex(GKI) of 2) the body switches on autophagy – a rapid cellular clean up and repair programme. This is the pink zone, with a GKI of between 1 and 2, when worn out energy factories is cells called mitochondria get recycled and new ones get made. You experience this on day 4 and 5 as increased energy, mental clarity and a sense of peace.

Three people did the 5 Day Diet as vegans and got great results.

On the last two days of this 7 day ‘Hybrid’ retreat we teach you how to transition onto my low GL diet, eating healthy carbs in the right quantity. That’s why it’s called the Hybrid Retreat- because you learn how to have your body run healthily on carbs or ketones, generated from fat. By the end you feel fantastic.

By the way, we don’t measure until noon on Day 6 to allow ones glycogen stores to refill ( this is your short term store of energy -glucose combined with water) because, otherwise, you’ll see more weight loss but its’ just temporary water loss. We call this the ‘Atkin’s cheat’.

There’s so much more to this process and the retreat. It really is a chance to transfor, detox and work through deep issues that have been holding you back in a very supportive environment.

If you’d like to come on the September retreat the places are filling up fast. There’s three twin bed/double rooms and three single rooms available. The deposit is £300 and prices start at £1,300 depending on the room. Please email giving your phone number and whether you’re single, a couple or planning to come with another. This is fantastic to do with a friend, partner or relative (such as mother, daughter).

Details of the retreat are on my retreat events page.

Details of the room options are found at Holford Natural Holidays.