Joanne's Story

I'm a teacher and Educational Consultant from Glasgow. I was interested in the diet due to a diagnosis of a high non HDL cholesterol level and I wanted to improve it. I had done ketogenic diets before but I hadn't done Patrick's one. I did the diet on the retreat he offers which was ideal for me as I enjoyed the helpful and supportive environment. Also I found ways to adapt the diet to my preferences as I could ask the team about substitutes and adaptions if I didn't like something. I wasn't hungry as such but the portions sizes are small. 

I lost over 11lbs in a week. I can see my ankles again and my rings can swivel on my finger. But also I found myself with better energy and levels of happiness - bouncing about more! I would recommend the diet to friends and family and I do plan to do the retreat again. My tips for anyone planning to do the diet is to:

  • Think about the retreats if you want to do in a supportive environment rather than at home. I think most people will want to substitute and adaptions the exact diet as it is in the book. 
  • Adapt the Hybrid Latte (have the coffee and milk separate to the other ingredients) and Carboslow drink (take it as a shot rather than a long drink) at the specified times.  
  • Substitute Olive oil and lettuce if you don't like seaweed crispies.