The 5 Day Diet is a hybrid diet which is a low calorie (800 per day) fasting-detox-ketogenic diet, principally because it sets off a process, only recently discovered, called ‘autophagy’ – which is cell repair and clean up. This can benefit health in the short and long term. It can even be used by sufferers of Long Covid.

In terms of weight-loss, as well as helping you lose weight, it resets your metabolism, which should make it easier for you to lose weight once on the Low GL Diet. You could use it to ‘kick-off’ your diet programme. If you think you could manage a strict diet on your own, or with the support of your doctor or nutritionist then find out more here or order The Hybrid Diet (the theory plus diet recommendations) or The 5 Day Diet (a full diet plan). It is suitable for Type-2 Diabetics with health professional support.

The diet requires a range of supplements which provide vitamins and minerals, help with detoxification, support processes in the diet to make it more effective, and make you feel full so you don’t feel hungry – see The 5 Day Diet Combo.

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“The diet has been nothing less than a revelation.” – Lisa

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“The 5 Day Diet is amazing. You can’t believe you can lose so many pounds” – Sean

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“I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s tough but definitely worth completing”

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“I can honestly say I’ve not felt this good for a very long time”

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I wanted to try the diet for education reasons to see if I would recommend it to my clients. I also wanted to have a health reset (rather than weight-loss) to get out of some bad habits developed during lockdown and to reset my sleep, focus and concentration. Read more.


I wanted to do the diet because I was attracted to the health benefit of autophagy for cell renewal. I was concerned about being able to fit it into working life and having young kids at secondary school but I decided to give it a go anyway. Read more.


I was suffering from Long Covid and I was operating  (or not operating) at 50% of my usual energy levels…I could not believe how much better I felt in such a short space of time. Mentally refreshed and physically much more energetic. Read more.


I’m a teacher and Educational Consultant from Glasgow. I was interested in the diet due to a diagnosis of a high non HDL cholesterol level and I wanted to improve it. I had done ketogenic diets before but I hadn’t done Patrick’s one. Read more.


I learnt about the diet from one of Patrick’s webinars. I’m based in Northern Ireland and own a health store. I’m 55 years old and I felt I needed a health reset. I have a good diet but it’s not good enough to make a difference to my health. Read more.


I’ve more or less followed Patrick’s advice for a few decades now, plus I’ve done the 5 Day Diet 3 times at home over the past year and have felt energised each time. This 4th time of doing the diet I did on Patrick’s retreat. I was also invigorated by the breadth and depth of the course itself. Read more.


I live in West London and have been following Patrick’s health advice for some time. The main draw of the diet for me was weight-loss but I also wanted to do it for health reasons and wanted to try it in a retreat environment. Read more.