‘This is an amazing reset diet…I cannot recommend it highly enough.’

This is an amazing reset diet. I have undertaken other diets and detoxes in the past, but this has been by far the best. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I’m 52 years old and have been experiencing a general lack of energy over the past few years. Five months ago I had Covid and whist I recovered reasonably quicky I was suffering some long-term fatigue. I was operating (or not operating!) at 50% of my usual energy levels, finding it difficult to manage my family and work life.

It took me several months to psyched myself up for this diet as it is an all or nothing diet. I read the book a few times and needed time to prep and organise pulling together the food and supplements. I found it important that I kept my diary free so I could concentrate on this fully. Its possible to do it and work as well but personally I found there was an advantage to doing part of it over the weekend and working from home a few days out of the five.

I started the diet on a Sunday which meant I could spend the Saturday preparing some of the foods and doing the longer exercise required. You do not go hungry on this diet. There is plenty to eat and the recipes are delicious, especially the soups. I did wake with a dull headache the first 3 mornings, but this soon cleared with the walk and hybrid latte. By the end of day 5 I felt 10 years younger, my energy levels were up to 80%. I could not believe how much better I felt in such a short pace of time. Mentally refreshed and physically much more energetic.

I lost 5 lbs in weight and several inches around my waist and hips so that was an added bonus, but for me the re-set to increased energy was the goal. This diet will become a regular part of my routine. The scientific evidence around the long-term health benefits are really encouraging. It’s a win win for both short- and long-term health. Amazing!