The 5 Day Diet in a Nutshell

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One way to get into ketosis is by fasting. The trouble is only the brave are willing to do it!

There are many variations of intermittent fasting. All these have their merits and reasonable evidence, or at least logic, to support them. All will have the potential to briefly trigger autophagy and nudge your metabolism away from glucose, made from carbs, towards ketones, made from fat, including burning your own body fat.

Yet I do not believe that they are nearly as effective as five consecutive days of fewer calories, with not too much protein, and consuming food and drink that is specifically designed to trigger autophagy – which is the key to the ability of fasting to transform your health, rejuvenate your cells and switch you out of a disease process.

In 2019 I wrote the book The Hybrid Diet, with award-winning medical journalist Jerome Burne explaining the theory and some practical information so you could create your own diet. I followed it up in 2020 with the more prescriptive 5 Day Diet.

I’ve now run three groups of people following this diet, measuring weight and body fat. In each group the average weight loss was close to 3kg each, roughly 7lbs, almost all of which was fat. In the last 5 Day Diet retreat experiment the greatest loser lost 11lbs. This kind of healthy weight loss is unheard of. No diet – 5:2, keto, low carb, 18:6, weekly fasting even conventional FMD has achieved this, also with no hunger.

How to do the Diet

The Ketogenic Part – for 5 days

For the ketogenic phase you’ll:

  • Run on KETONES
  • Keep your blood sugar even and avoid those dips that make you feel hungry and tired.


You will have no more than 800 calories per day for 5 days. Daily meals are outlined in The 5 Day Diet book and need to be followed strictly. Every food has 12 different requirements balanced including calories, protein, fat, carbs, GL and antioxidants. The 5 Day Diet supplement combo provides nutritional support and helps optimise the process and benefits of ketosis.

The Low GL Part – the maintenance diet

For the Low GL phase. You’ll:

  • Run on GLUCOSE
  • Keep your blood sugar even and avoid those dips that make you feel hungry and tired.


  • Eat three 10GL meals a day plus two 5GL snacks
  • Fill your plate with half vegetables and one quarter low GL carbs (7 GLs). 
  • Have no more than 45 GLs (glycemic load) a day
  • Choose food that will fill you up for longer (you know this by the glycemic load)
  • Have those ‘slow’ carbs like, wholegrain bulgur, brown rice and wholewheat pasta in smaller proportions as defined in the book
  • Cut out the sugar

How Often to do the diet

The ketogenic 5 days of the diet is recommended to be done every month or every quarter depending on health status. The Low GL part is a maintenance/lifestyle diet. 

TESTIMONIALS, Top Tips & More Info

Do take a look at the experience and Success Stories of those who have already done the diet. 

Top tips: Go to the Low-GL section on this website. Get The Low GL Diet Cookbook. The rules are in the beginning and there’s loads of simple recipes.

Find out more about The 5 Day Diet and The Hybrid Diet. You will need to measure your state of ketosis and these pages also give details of measuring tools.