Hybrid Diet/5 Day Diet Success Stories

Jenny's Story

I wanted to try the diet for education reasons to see if I would recommend it to my clients. I also wanted to have a health reset (rather than weight-loss) to get out of some bad habits developed during lockdown and to reset my sleep, focus and concentration. Read more.


I wanted to do the diet because I was attracted to the health benefit of autophagy for cell renewal. I was concerned about being able to fit it into working life and having young kids at secondary school but I decided to give it a go anyway. Read more. 

Joanne's Story

I'm a teacher and Educational Consultant from Glasgow. I was interested in the diet due to a diagnosis of a high non HDL cholesterol level and I wanted to improve it. I had done ketogenic diets before but I hadn't done Patrick's one. Read more.

Caroline's Story

I learnt about the diet from one of Patrick's webinars. I'm based in Northern Ireland and own a health store. I'm 55 years old and I felt I needed a health reset. I have a good diet but it's not good enough to make a difference to my health. Read more. 

Bev's Story

I've more or less followed Patrick's advice for a few decades now, plus I've done the 5 Day Diet 3 times at home over the past year and have felt energised each time. This 4th time of doing the diet I did on Patrick's retreat. I was also invigorated by the breadth and depth of the course itself. Read more.

Charles's Story

I live in West London and have been following Patrick's health advice for some time. The main draw of the diet for me was weight-loss but I also wanted to do it for health reasons and wanted to try it in a retreat environment. Read more.