Fat or carbs, plant-based or meat? It’s no wonder everyone’s confused. Enter The Hybrid Diet because variation is the key to weight loss and improved health. There’s no need to choose – you can have the best of all worlds, enjoying fatty foods (whether you’re carnivorous or not) and healthy carbs.

My new book, co-authored with Jerome Burne, explains these two effective ways to regain health and lose weight: a high fat, 'ketogenic' diet and a slow carb, 'low GL' diet. Switching between the two is the best of all. Variation not moderation, is the key to health. 

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The Hybrid Diet mimics the body’s evolutionary design. We are ‘hybrid’ and can run on glucose from carbs and ketones from our body fat. Alternating between the two is the hottest health secret – because something magical happens when we switch between a ‘slow’ carb and a high fat diet: it set sup a healthy cycle of new cell growth and repair, and body fat is burnt more efficiently, mimicking the natural cycle of feast and famine.

The worst of both worlds is the combination of animal fat and refined carbs – the hallmark of junk food.

A High Fat diet switches on a cellular clean up, repairing the energy factories in cells. A Slow Carb diet makes clean energy and healthy new cells. Switching regularly between Slow Carbs and High Fat is like nutritional yoga. You become ‘carb adapted’ – craving less sweet foods, and ‘fat adapted’ – able to burn and derive energy efficiently from fat.

Variation not moderation is the key to health and slowing down ageing. This is the Hybrid Diet because your body thrives on two fuels: ketones generated from fat or glucose from carbs. Alternating between the two is the hottest health secret.

To find out more read my book on The Hybrid Diet which will be out in March, come to a seminar near you in the UK and Ireland and learn how to go Hybrid from Patrick, or come to the Hybrid Fast Detox Retreat and experience the benefits.

The NEW book will be launched on 21 March 2019. 

Based on the latest cutting-edge science, nutrition expert Patrick Holford and health journalist Jerome Burne have put together a plan that is sound, simple and delicious. The Hybrid Diet is a radically different, practical and doable way to achieve a healthy weight and substantially reduce your risk of disease.

Patrick Holford is founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and the Food for the Brain Foundation. He is one of Britain's top nutrition experts and the author of over 30 health books.

Jerome Burne is an award-winning medical and health journalist. He was an early champion of probiotics and vitamin D, and was one of the first in the UK to write about epigenetics.

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