Why I had my mercury fillings removed

Last week’s Tonight report on ITV on the dangers of mercury fillings has reopened this can of worms. Common dental amalgams can contain up to 50% mercury along with other heavy metals. While brushing and eating mercury vapour can leach from amalgams and passes readily through cell membranes. The effects of mercury and other heavy metals in the body can be surprisingly far-reaching and have very serious consequences.

In mild cases it may be a cause of fatigue but in serious cases can cause auto-immune disorders, infertility, psychological and neurological disturbances. Tom Warren is a case in point: Tom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1983 and was told by his doctor that it might take seven years for his ‘incurable’ condition to slowly destroy him. Brain scans confirmed that his brain was effectively shrinking. When I interviewed him Tom was no longer sufferinfg from dementia. His brain scans had normalised and his mind is in tip-top condition. The real turning point came when he read Hal Huggins’ book on mercury toxicity ‘It’s All in Your Head’. Here’s what he told me: “I immediately knew this was right. Hal Huggins had found that almost all mercury toxic patients had rock bottom stomach acid. I had 26 mercury fillings.

I found myself a dentist and had them removed. The dentist ran a biocompatibility test, which I think is essential, and replaced my fillings with the appropriate materials. Within a month I was better, almost back to my old self. I know of one doctor who was diagnosed with dementia who got better within two days of having his fillings removed! Today most of my allergies have cleared up. I still take a handful of vitamins, minerals and other supplements – the ones you talk about in your books and newsletters. If I’m under a lot of stress my thinking processes can be a little foggy, but on the whole I feel well and my memory is good. I think it is criminal that the dental association and dentists continue to recommend amalgam fillings. They all well know that mercury is a poison and there are serious dangers associated with mercury fillings. The trouble is that no-one can admit it – the cost of legal liability suits would cripple the profession.”

Personally, I don’t think true Alzheimer’s is caused by mercury toxicity but I’m convinced that excess mercury can bring on dementia-like symptoms. If you’d like to know more about this read The Alzheimers Prevention Plan. The best course of action for those people suspecting mercury or heavy metal toxicity due to amalgams is to visit a dentist who knows about removing mercury fillings. Amalgam removal is available but obviously this can only be carried out by a properly trained dentist and is usually supported by a chelation protocol. This process provides your body with binding agents to help transport the mercury and heavy metals out of the body and makes sure that the heavy metal is not just displaced to another area of the body. Supplements should be used to help support your body’s natural detoxification process and help chelate these toxic metals out of the body.

Nutrients such as vitamin C can help protect the body against heavy metal accumulation, as can MSM (a form of sulphur), n-acetyl cysteine and magnesium. Biocare’s Biomer is a high potency chelating complex designed by a leading pharmacologist and toxicologist to safeguard the body’s eliminative process. These nutrients, plus high dose vitamin C is what I took for three days before, and two weeks after having all my mercury fillings removed. The Brain Bio Centre at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition offers comprehensive diagnostic testing and optimum nutrition based treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s. For further details visit www.brainbiocentre.com