Vitamin supplements improve gut microbiome and health

Supplementing vitamin C and D are good for your gut health. Two studies have shown that supplementing vitamin C increases healthy gut bacteria such as bifidobacteria, while reducing unhealthy gut bacteria such as enterocci. The author of the more recent study, Dr Sabine Hazan says “This study suggests the possibility that vitamin C could be successful for improving infection outcomes, possibly even COVID-19, partially because it improves the gut bacteria present.”

Serotonin, the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter, is made in both the gut and the brain. You want more in your brain and less in your gut. Too much in the gut can promote inflammation. This may be why some people get gut discomfort when supplementing 5-HTP (5-hydroxytprophan). The enzyme, TPH, that converts the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin is enhanced in the brain by vitamin D, and selectively shut down in the gut. So, with sufficent vitamin D you get higher brain levels of serotonin, promoting good mood, and lower serotonin levels in the gut, protecting against gut inflammation. Therefore anyone supplementing 5-HTP who gets gut effects should be suspected of having low vitamin D levels.

A big problem we face in the world of nutrition is monopolar thinking. That is people and experts being really into one thing be it low carb diets, gut health, but generally ‘supplement phobic’ as so many of the medical establishment are without realising that we need the full plethora of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, essential fats and so on.

That is why, whatever diet you pursue, or ‘hero’ nutrient that attracts your attention – it is best to support these with an optimum nutrition style multivitamin & mineral, plus extra vitamin C, essential fats and vitamin D in the winter months. Everything works better with optimum nutrition.

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Further Information

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