All You Need is Fear

We need to talk about state control, censorship and the generation of fear to control the masses and subvert freedom of speech and fundamental human rights such as what goes into your body.

A good example of what’s going on is my latest peer-reviewed study of twelve vitamin C for covid intervention trials. I offered it to an ‘MDPI’ journal, who publish 371 journals, because they are one of the few publishing houses that are neither largely funded by big pharma, nor known to be anti-vitamin. Their journal Nutrients, in which we published the first vitamin C for covid review last year, is the highest ranking and respected nutrition journal in the world.

Journals then select three or four ‘peer-reviewers’ who critique the paper and we, the authors, have to adjust accordingly. We don’t know who they are. That what ‘peer-reviewed’ means.

So, then, the review came out and, very quickly, the Science Media Centre got hold of it and sent major newspapers their critique, having obtained statements from various experts. Who is the Science Media Centre? The majority of the major funders are big pharma, big pharma funded, or agrochemical funded. These include AstraZeneca, Merck, GSK, Wellcome, Sanofi and CropLife International which ‘promotes agricultural technologies such as pesticides and plant biotechnology’.

The Science Media Centre (SMC) was launched in 2002 in response to “media frenzies over MMR, GM crops and animal research to help news outlets better represent mainstream science, to address:
• a growing “crisis of confidence ” in society’s views of science
• a collapse of respect for authority and expertise
• a risk-averse society and alarmist media coverage and
• the “apparently superior media strategies” used by environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.”

I contacted the Professors quoted by SMC in order to discredit the study, both to learn from their critique and to check if they really did say what they were quoted as saying. One ‘argued that the review’s methodology was procedural flawed’ yet, when I contacted him and obtained his actual statement, he had not said this. It was an invention that made its way into the paper.


Meanwhile, people write to their MPs and get ‘standard’ responses back, usually based on a Department of Health and Social Care statement given to them, as if with authority, but, in this case full of lies. These are the four basic lies that MPs are asked to pass on:

Lie 1. ‘there is a large body of research investigating whether it would help to prevent the common cold, and it has been shown not to be effective’. This is not true. The meta-analysis usually referred to, by my colleague Professor Harri Hemila, says the opposite of this. ‘given the consistent effect of vitamin C on the duration and severity of colds in the regular supplementation studies, and the low cost and safety, it may be worthwhile…’

Lie 2. ‘They [NICE, PHE and RAPID C19] are continuing to monitor any new, high quality evidence from clinical trials in both the United Kingdom and overseas on the effectiveness of vitamin C as an intervention for COVID-19.’ No they’re not. Under a Freedom of Information request they write to us saying ‘I can confirm that neither NICE nor the RAPID C-19 Oversight Group have undertaken a review of vitamin C for COVID-19 since September 2020’. PHE told me they weren’t reviewing vitamin C because NICE and RAPID C19 were. So, no-one is.

Lie 3. ‘UK’s REMAP-CAP trial platform is trialling high-dose vitamin C in patients.’ No they’re not. No patient given vitamin C yet as far as we know. And we’ve asked ICUs listed as taking part.

Lie 4. ‘The paper you refer to is published on Caution is advised – MDPI has attracted criticism, with controversies related to the quality of its peer reviews and accusations of more importance to business interests than academia.’ So the Government department doesn’t like an independent publisher of science journals that appears to have the least big pharma vested interests?

What you have here is a state control of information, a bureaucratic block on non-pharma friendly approaches and research, with virtually no funding at all going into non-pharma solutions to health problems. So, when the so-called experts say there’s no large scale placebo controlled trial…they know there never will be because they won’t fund one and non-patentable nutrients don’t have the payback that makes a vitamin company be able to front this kind of trial, which usually costs over $5 million. This is another layer of information control.

Dare I suggest we might be heading towards totalitarian or fascist state? Definitions of fascism include… an authoritarian system of government and social organization…a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control…a governmental system having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition, regimenting industry and commerce. Totalitarianism is defined as a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. These are the opposite of democracy.

It seems to me we no longer live in what you or I would call a democracy, where we elect MPs and parties that then represent us and our interests. Those parties, and government agencies, are really controlled by much larger vested interests such as big pharma (rebranding as bio tech), big food, the financial institutions, big oil, big tech and the military complex. Why is the Gates Foundation now the main funder of the World Health Organisation ($3.4 billion) and also funding the NIH and CDC in the US, Imperial and Oxford University, the medicines regulator MHRA, Chris Whitty, the BBC and the Guardian in the UK? Why is GSK’s former director, Sir Patrick Veillance, knighted for selling drugs, our Chief Scientific Advisor? These power bases are so entwined in the machine of government that it doesn’t really matter who you vote for. The politicians must tow the line, be it on vaccines, 5G, GM foods etc regardless of public opinion which is, in any event, suppressed with next to no media outlet for expressing opposing views. Even social media is owned and controlled.

I have been involved in many governmental ‘consultations’ over the years on various issues but, in these covid times, these have just become lip service with feedback promptly ignored.

While almost everyone would agree that a fundamental human right is what you put into your body, especially your bloodstream, and every governmental debate, forced by millions of signatures on petitions, has shown a clear majority for not mandating vaccines, not vaccinating children, and not having vaccine passports, yet all this is happening regardless. To be clear, this discussion is not about an anti-vax position, it is about your freedom to choose vs state control.

Now not only can all NHS and care home workers not work unless vaccinated, but also relatives of people in care homes are being told they cannot visit unless they are vaccinated, regardless of being negative on a lateral flow test. Where is the logic of a non-infected person not being allowed to visit a relative? It’s another ruthless and unkind example of state control.

In the US doctors with the lowest mortality in ICUs are being forced not to give eg vitamin C,D or ivermectin – all non-patentable and highly effective products. Yet, they can prescribe new antiviral drugs that are less effective, lwith no real safety studies beyond and a small number of people over a small number of days in a trial owened and contrlled by the drug seller – and considerably more expensive. One potent antioxidant, N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – has been banned from sale in the US. Social media largely control, under the banner of ‘fake news’, any information going out promoting non-drug, non-vaccine approaches, directly in cahoots with state controlled policies.

Again, I make these comments not because I believe ‘all drugs and vaccines are bad’ but because the suppression of any talk, any research, let alone any action on non-patentable approaches is a form of state control. Remember, the definition of fascism includes “forcibly suppressing opposition, regimenting industry and commerce.”

If a person is not infected why can they not enter a country or public place? Whether vaccinated or not they have the same chance of becoming infected (aka studies showing same viral load found in vaccinated and unvaccinated upon infection 1). OK, the unvaccinated might be more likely to end up in hospital if infected, but so would those with low vitamin D levels or not taking high dose vitamin C upon infection. Is anyone proposing a vitamin passport? Why not?

As evidence grows ever stronger that SARS CoV2 was manipulated for ‘gain of function’ and leaked, be it by accident or intent, does anyone question that it is the same power base that might have done this that is also offering us the solution? (Over 5 million have died of covid so far. 60 million died in World War 2 and more than 60 million die every decade from diet-related, man-made diseases.) Is it a timely coincidence that the trillion dollar industry with its track record of fraud, hiding deaths and off-label prescribing that has resulted in $20 billion in fines, is running out of drugs to sell and thus is moving big time into vaccines as their profit-base going forward?

As I prep to interview my next podcast guest, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author of the Great Cholesterol Con and now his excellent new book The Clot Thickens, I am amused by this passage in his book:

“There are, I have discovered, two areas of medicine that absolutely cannot be questioned. Number one… I will allow you to guess at, not that difficult in truth. It’s a word beginning with vaccines. Number two, and not that far behind, is the cholesterol hypothesis.”

When I stand back what I see is a massive and relentless campaign that generates fear and anxiety. A person full of fear and anxiety can be manipulated. Marx said that ‘religion was the opiate of the masses’. I say that ‘fear is the means of control’. Scientists on the government’s advisory committee, Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour, that encouraged the use of fear to control people’s behaviour during the Covid pandemic have admitted its work was “unethical” and “totalitarian”. Gavin Morgan, a psychologist on the team, said: “Clearly, using fear as a means of control is not ethical. Using fear smacks of totalitarianism. It’s not an ethical stance for any modern government.”

Did it all get to you? Are you living in fear, be it of covid, being or not being vaccinated, not being able to travel, fear of others infecting you, fear of the state controlling you, fear of what people think of you, fear of a third wave, fear for your loved ones. It’s all fear whichever side of the imaginary fence you’re on. I say, just walk well away from it. I saw a t-shirt that said “Everything you want is the other side of fear.”2

There is no need to fear covid. Fearing it won’t help you. It will actually supress your immunity. Get your vitamin D level right up, always have vitamin C (and zinc) close to hand, if you do opt for vaccination take higher doses straight after vaccination which will reduce the risk of clotting issues. Low dose aspirin might help too. Make sure your vitamin D level is good before vaccination as the antibody response needed for a vaccine to work requires vitamin D, thus uses it up.

Most people are living in a state of hypnosis, maintained by fear. The more people wake up the more chance we have to unite to solve the big issues facing our society which are global warming, food shortage for a growing population, pollution, the decimation of nature and resources.

We are living in a corrupted society with something akin to a mafia of, in the arena of health, big pharma (now rebranding as bio-tech), government and media. Two great films to watch are ‘Fear City’ on Netflix which shows how the mafia in New York got busted and ‘Coup 53’ ( – you have to pay £4.99 – worth every penny) which is the story of how the power base learnt how to get rid of uncorruptible democratic leaders to put their man in charge and take back control of the country, in this case Iran, and its oil. It will help you understand why we are where we are now. As Bob Marley said “ Stand up for your rights. Don’t give up the fight.” After all, it’s your taxes that’s paying for all of this.

If all this makes you mad it should. Hundreds of thousands of people, including myself and others from vitaminC4covid will be taking to thew streets on Saturday November 20th, will meet at Hyde park at 12.30 at the Jenner Memorial statue (appropriately) in the Italina Garden opposite Lancaster Gate tube, to protest against these infringements of civil liberties and, in our case, to bring awareness to vitamin C as a valid approach for covid.  Check the Facebook page of ‘c4covid’ on the morning in case anything changes.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of poems for your enjoyment.

Diss, Dissent, Dissident

Diss, dissent, dissident
Are we so stupid? Are they so bent?
We build the house, they charge us rent
They break our backs and sell us crap
To make us sick, then charge us tax
To supply the fix, and we just clap
If we haven’t died from covid or a heart attack
They call it social care and national health
I call it control with fear and total stealth
In case you hadn’t noticed the money’s in the jabs
With vaccine passports and no holidays in the sun
Until you’re broken and forced into submission
If you still don’t obey you’re a leper or a scab
A social pyriah according to Big Brother Control
That’s what BBC stands for. Don’t post or tweet dissent
– the thought police will call you a troll
and banish and vanish your account down a black hole
What happened to freedom of speech and freedom of rights?
Did the state become fascist over this long, dark night?
Are we ruled by SirVeillance, Bill Gates and GSK?
Will this nightmare ever go away?


People are dying asleep
Living asleep
Herded like sheep
By idiots from the deep
I hope it’s not too late
To wake them up from hypnosis
Delete the ignosis
Feel the sun, smell the roses
We are one, life is good
If you know how to look.
No need for fear. People are kind.
Love and peace is a state of mind


1. also see