Biggest ever diet study proves my low GL diet works best

Europe’s biggest ever diet trial, published today, involving 722 families, costing 14.5 million euros, set out to discover the winning formula for weight loss by comparing five different diets, including a low glycemic load (GL) diet. One diet, the low GL diet, was way ahead of the rest.

Conventional diet advice has been to eat low calories and low fat, but heretics such as the late Dr Robert Atkins pioneered high protein, low carb diets – essentially more meat, less potatoes. I have proposed that eating a little more protein (less than the Atkins brigade), but low GL carbohydrates is the magic formula. The GL is the total effect a food has on your blood sugar level.

Low GL carbs means oats instead of cornflakes, or berries instead of bananas. This diet trial, published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, compared five different diets – a control diet, a high protein diet with high or low GL carbs, and a low-protein diet, with high or low GL carbs. All participants had first completed 8 weeks on a very low calorie diet and had lost weight. The question was which follow-on diet will keep the weight off? The clear winner was a high protein diet (25% of calories) with low GL carbs. Over the twenty six weeks of the trial only the high protein, low GL carb diet produced consistent weight loss, the others recording weight gain.

Those on the control diet were more 3.3 pounds heavier at the end of the 26 weeks, compared to those on the low GL diet, who lost weight. My low GL diet is exactly this – 25% of calories from protein, and low GL carbs. It definitely works best because people don’t get hungry. It is easy to follow.The drop-out rate was much lower on the low GL diet than any others which suggests that it’s the easiest to stick to. By controlling more precisely the carbohydrate load to 40 GLs a day most significantly you can get much better results than even this study shows. Overweight people lose up to 1 stone a month. This means eating 10 GLs for each main meal, and 5 GLs for a snack. Always eating protein with carbs further lowers the GL of a meal. This might be a bowl of porridge, plus berries and seeds or nuts, or a fish or lean meat dish, with vegetables and a small serving of brown rice or wholewheat pasta, or two boiled potatoes. I also recommend supplementing GL Support, a combination of chromium, 5-HTP and HCA.

Julie Watson is a case in point. She lost 19 pounds in six weeks, on my Holford Low GL diet, eight inches off her waist, and dropped two dress sizes. “When I tried to put on my wedding dress, I was horrified that I couldn’t get it on! I couldn’t believe that 2 stone had crept on so easily. “ says Julie. “My work’s James Bond themed Christmas party was the perfect excuse to make me take action. I bought a slinky dress that I couldn’t quite get into, but was determined it would fit by the time of the party. I started the Holford Low-GL Diet and was amazed I was able to shed the weight so easily without feeling hungry. Everyone was completely astonished when they saw me at the party.” The long-term results are just as good.

Eamon W, whose story is in the latest 100% Health Newsletter, is a case in point. ” My blood pressure has returned to normal levels and I am off the medications for the last four weeks. I have lost over 7 stone (100 lbs) in 7 months. The most surprising aspect of this diet was that I seldom felt hungry.” If you’d like to lose weight for your Christmas party, or give a book for Christmas to someone you’d like to see less of (around the middle) the Low GL Diet Bible or the Holford Low GL Diet Cookbook is the perfect present.