Tired, sniffling, low? You need sunshine

What’s the cause of winter ailments, colds and blues? A lack of vitamin S – sunshine. What’s the cure? A winter holiday in the sun and we’ve teamed up with Wellbeing Escapes to give you an easy escape route there. All members of the 100% Health Club will receive a £75 discount per booking.

And it’s not only sunshine you’ll benefit from when you book a trip with Wellbeing Escapes. They offer a whole range of tempting choices including Active and Fitness, Detox and Weight Loss, Yoga and Pilates and Holistic Holidays. So whether you want to get active and improve your fitness, lose some weight and detox your body or just relax and be pampered to combat the stresses you experience in everyday life, there will be a Wellbeing Escape for you.

Some of the benefits you’ll experience from taking a Wellbeing break in the sun include ‘stocking up’ up on vitamin D. In the winter the average person has less than 15 minutes exposure to direct sun with little more than face and hands uncovered. This results in a massive drop in vitamin D levels, made in the presence of sunlight. The net result of this deficiency is loss of bone strength, a depressed mind and immunity.

By trying a Yoga and Pilates holiday you’ll benefit by improving your breathing. Most of us only use a third of our lung capacity. The basis of all yoga and all traditional martial arts starts with the conscious use of the breath. This means more than breathing deeply and involves a method of breathing that connects you with the centre of vital energy in the belly, known as the tantien in China and hara in Japan. Doing this kind of exercise can greatly improve your breathing, help to reduce stress, tension and PMT, increase the flexibility of joints and spine, help with clarity of mind and improve overall health.

If you’ve been over indulging or just want to get in better shape, give your liver and digestive tract a clean up with a detox holiday to help cleanse the body and mind of toxins and restore balance, strength and energy.

An activity-oriented spa holiday can kick-start your metabolism by getting you off the couch and into your trainers. Sedentary lifestyles are often the cause of health problems, especially as we grow older. Challenging yourself to do something different, whether it’s rollerblading or Tai Chi, can be the start of a healthier new you. Along with changing your attitude, an adventure spa can boost your circulation, strength and stamina, add to your physical confidence, alleviate stress, help you lose weight and make you feel younger. Many of the spas chosen by WellBeing Escapes are located in areas of great natural beauty, far from pollution, crowds and urban life. If you live in the city, you know how just a walk in the park on a sunny day can make you feel so much better…well imagine the difference if you were on a wilderness trek, in the midst of unspoilt beauty as far as the eye could see, perhaps on one of their Escapes to the Himalayas.

If you are a member of the 100% Health Club and would like to take advantage of this offer please click here. If you are not yet a member but would like to be please click here to join (membership from only £10).