Swap This for That:

The goal of this post is to keep hunger and weight gain at bay by helping you make smart, sometimes counterintuitive choices.

I’m not against indulgence, I’m just happier when I know it’s not going to cost my health or my waistline, so this post is all about swapping, not stopping! Today’s question is ‘what is lower GL, a bagel or the doughnut?’ I’m guessing most of you picked the bagel, but surprisingly you’d be wrong. Most of us know that heavily processed foods such as white rice, white bread and pastries are considered high glycemic, but did you know that a doughnut weighs in at 24 on the GL scale whilst a bagel is 72 – that’s 3 times more! When we eat high glycemic foods, we experience a rise in blood sugar and a release of insulin; so if your goal is weight loss or weight management you should be completely avoiding foods that spike blood sugar. I always say; ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ so if you want to enjoy a bagel every now and again that’s fine, just add a little salmon, and cream cheese to slow down the release of sugar, and for those of you with a sweet tooth, the good news is that a doughnut might be a slightly better choice than you thought!