85% of natural products to be banned – please act now

A set of regulations based on neither science nor logic, regarding safety, has been enacted by the Minister of Health for natural products in South Africa.

Even if you do not live in South Africa, if you can spare 30 seconds to sign this petition, you will be helping the public and practitioners in South Africa to stop these regulations which ban, among many natural medicines, all digestive enzymes, many amino acids including 5-HTP and even more herbs and natural medicines.

Additionally, the new legislation hugely restricts levels of several key vitamins and minerals. For example, it outlaws chromium above 50mcg, B12 above 100mcg, and vitamin C above a daily dose of 1,000mg. There is no logical reason for doing this, other than to stop natural medicines and drive people to take pharmaceutical medicines instead.

The reason it is important to lend your support by signing the petition is that we need to tell Health Ministers that we will not tolerate such totally unnecessary restrictions on Complementary and Alternative medicines, which are both safe and actually reduce the burden of disease on the health service.

If other countries are allowed to move forward with restrictive legislation it sets a precedent for the UK. So please act now and sign this petition today.