How to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Today

Today the actual research study of Lecanemab, came out. The results are no different to the press release that hit the news three weeks ago. While statistically significant, the results are clinically meaningless – less than half a point drop in an 18 point Clinical Dementia Rating.
Both B vitamin and omega-3 studies have done much better than this. The rate of brain shrinkage reduction of this kind of drug is 2% compared to up to 73% less shrinkage with B vitamins and omegas. Then there’s the adverse effects – with one fifth of participants having brain swelling or bleeding. This is not so much the ‘new hope’ for Alzheimer’s but the new hype. In real terms the risks and costs far outweigh the benefits.
See pages 26-27 of yesterday’s Daily Mirror explaining more about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan from @foodforthebrain