Steroids Work Better with Vitamin C

Yesterday’s news that steroids cut the risk of death by a third for those on ventilators, and by a fifth for those on oxygen, was heralded by Boris Johnson as “a remarkable British scientific achievement”. Of course, it is good news but if he, Matt Hancock and every member of SAGE, NERVTAG or the UKs NHS Chief Executive or the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, or any national newspaper health editor, checked their emails back in March I sent them the evidence that the combination of steroids WITH vitamin C was already producing results much better than this.

The use of steroids during a cytokine storm, which is what’s happening in the acute phase of this disease, was first shown to improve recovery by Dr Paul Marik from East Virginia Medical School in 2018. He also discovered, and published, that the effect of steroids is much better combined with vitamin C. – see He is one of a number of professors of emergency medicine at who have been telling the medical profession this for the past three months. They are reporting a 3.5% mortality rate, which is much better than the results in this study using the  steroid dexamethasone.According to Dr Marik “Methylprednisolone  is much more effective than dexamethasone. It should be noted that we would consider the non-titratable ‘fixed” dose of dexamethasone used in the RECOVERY-DEXAMETHASONE study to be very low. The combination of steroids and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is essential. Both have powerful synergistic anti-inflammatory actions. Vitamin C protects the endothelium from oxidative injury. Furthermore, vitamin C Increases the expression of interferon-alpha (this is critical) while corticosteroids (alone) decease expression of interferon-alpha.”As well as giving intravenous vitamin C (3 grams every six hours) to their ICU patients  they also give zinc, magnesium and querictin. However, when you give these is critical. “Patients transition through a number of different phases (clinical stages). The treatment of each phase is distinct … this is critically important.” says Marik, whose MATH+ strategy showing what to do in each phase, is available for all to see at Zinc (75mg a day), quercitin (250 to 500mg twice a day) plus vitamin C and vitamin D (1,000 to 4,000iu daily) for symptomatic patients. Vitamin D deficiency explains, in part, the enormous geographic variation in mortality of this disease. They also give anti-coagulants (enoxoparin).In the acute phase, when a ‘cytokine storm’ is brewing or in full swing,  it is the combniation of full dose steroids, anti-coagulants and intravenous vitamin C that saves lives, and keeps people off ventilators, explains Marik. Both steroids and vitamin C work because they are both part of an essential adrenal response.  Marik explains this in the film ‘how vitamin C won the cold war’ on which we put out on March 17th. Chief investigator Prof Peter Horby,  from the University of Oxford, who tested the steroid drug dexamethasone said: “This is the only drug so far that has been shown to reduce mortality – and it reduces it significantly. It’s a major breakthrough.”
Consequently, this means that the discovery that the combination of steroids, vitamin C (and anti-coagulants) is an even bigger breakthrough. Their MATH+ protocol is the most advanced and clinically effective approach to COVID-19 which Marik considers a ‘treatable disease’ as illustrated by the remarkably low 3.5% mortality rate in ICUs following this protocol.The only ICU in London, possibly theonly ICU in the UK using this combo is posting the lowest mortality rates. Let’s hope, when all this is published, the government and NHS listen as, in my opinion, no-one needs die, unless already suffering from an end-stage disease. If there is a second wave this needs to be standard practice in the UK, as it is already in China.