Statins add only three days to life

A major study in the British Medical Journal , which hit the headlines in the Sunday Express shows that statin users can expect to live only an additional three days.

This minor benefit is certainly not worth the risk of side-effects. The BMJ is calling for a complete reassessment of the value of recommending statins. I wrote about this eight years ago in Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs as the evidence then confirms what is being published now.

So, why is this only coming out now? Could it be that statins are now all off patent, so there’s no more money to be made, and the new ‘super-statins’ are about to be launched? It’s time for the switch – to move people from unprofitable drugs to profitable drugs. The whole push to get 8 million people on statins, the vast majority of whom didn’t need them, has created a perfect market for the super statins.

What are your thoughts?

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