My vision – A Healthy Nation

My vision in 2014 is to create a healthy nation. I myself am fit and healthy at 55 as a result of following my own advice – eating right, exercising and understanding what keeps me relaxed and connected with the world.

However I am increasingly worried about our health statistics with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer continuing to be a worldwide problem. And as the recent G8 conference on Alzheimer’s showed the focus is still on drugs rather than the F word – Food!

Through this website – my blogs, articles, 100% Health Club and newsletters – and my books and seminars – I want to help you think differently about your health. I want to spread the word that instead of taking a pill for every ill which often creates a cascade of side effects and other health problems – you can adjust your diet and lifestyle now to prevent getting ill, or reverse ill health you’ve developed.

I want to help you understand that if you have the wrong genes there is an alternative to drugs or removing body parts – in fact only a small percentage of disease is due to genes. It’s what you eat and how you live that switches genes on and off. For example a low GL diet switches on a set of genes that keep you young and healthy. Sugar, on the other hand, turns them off.

The cause of the big 5 diseases – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s – is down to the food we eat, what we drink, smoking, stress and exercise.

I’d like to encourage you to start 2014 with re-assessing your current health – consider what you need to change – are you overweight, is your energy low, do you have aches and pains, depression or poor memory? A great start would be to join my 100% Health Club so you can access all the information you need to transform your health.

A new section on my website Good Medicine explains why addressing your health through changes in your diet and lifestyle is so much more beneficial than taking a pill for every ill. And my new book also called Good Medicine addresses over 75 common health problems and offers simple things you can do to prevent or reverse that health condition.

Wishing you happy and healthy 2014.