My Month Without Vitamins

Through a quirk of manufacturing fate, I (and possibly you) ended up without my usual vitamin supplements for the past month. Much like the book ‘my year in Provence’ I went to Provence for much of ‘my month without vitamins’. I left without my usual 100% Health Pack and didn’t get it together to find replacements. Not that you can find these kind of supplements easily in France.

Come to think of it this has been the first time I’ve not taken my usual vitamin strips twice a day (multivitamin, vitamin C, essential omegas, antioxidants and Brain Food) for…ever. I’m not sure I noticed immediately, but as the weeks went by I just wasn’t feel my usual energised self.

I’m writing a book at the moment and have a clear gauge on when I can wake up early, how long I can write for before my mental stamina and general feeling of energy starts to subside. I usually have a run through coffee from my wife’s, but after an hour or two, having got up before her. I need less sleep. (There’s a cortisol spike in the first hour so it is better to not have coffee immediately on rising.) My usual 5.30 to 6am start drifted to 7 or 7.30am. My straight run through of alert thinking reduced from up to 4 hours down to more like 2. My sustained energy or stamina started to wane in the afternoon, earlier than usual. I found myself yawning by noon.

My wife often takes one strip, despite my encouragement to take two to achieve the optimal levels. A kinesiologist tested her and said she needs two. She said “I’m not sure I could cope with the energy Patrick has”. Anyway, she’s noticed the reduced energy, mental clarity and prolonged ability to focus on complex tasks.

By the end of the month we are waiting eagerly for our 100% Health Packs to arrive!

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re missing it. How was it for you?

Further Information

The Optimum Nutrition Pack and 100% Health Pack are now back in stock.