Low GL diet gets thumbs up in new TV series

RTE, Ireland’s biggest TV channel, have launched a new series called ‘Doctors on Call’ where they put my low GL diet to the test among a group of women from the traveller community.

This group of women have terrible health statistics, with high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and premature death. They have unhealthy eating habits and no money to spend on posh foods. Yet their results are amazing.

Anne Owens from Zest4Life and I predicted that the six women would lose 6 stone (84lbs/38kg) between them on the 8 week low-GL diet trial. We started the women on the diet and supplements and Anne met them each week, giving them encouragement and support.

The six ladies weighed 90 stone in total, with 45% of their weight as body fat. This gave them at least ten times the risk of developing diabetes. Our challenge was for them to lose 1 stone (14lbs) each in 8 weeks by following the low GL diet. This alone would halve their current risk of diabetes.

6 stone lost and a 24% reduction in body fat in 8 weeks!

After 8 weeks the group had lost 6 stone and 5lbs overall, with the greatest individual weight loss being nearly 2 stone (1 stone 12lbs) – that’s over 3 pounds a week. The least weight loss for those following the diet was 7lbs, with an average weight loss of around 1 stone (14lbs).

Most importantly, the body fat percentage of the group dropped by 24.4%. Losing this much weight and body fat means their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease is hugely reduced.

Improved energy and better health

On top of this the women reported big improvements in energy and overall health. Two of the women with diabetes now have stable blood sugar levels despite years of suffering from diabetes. One woman’s high blood pressure has now has normalised and many reported other health benefits like more energy, less sugar cravings and better skin. Many in the group noticed a big improvement in energy when adding in the supplements.

Easy and money saving

After a couple of weeks of getting used to it, no one found the diet hard to stick to and many noticed they were much less hungry. The diet was also saving them money because they were making more food at home, and taking low GL lunches to work.

To follow how these ladies did it watch Doctors on Call on the RTE Player

Take part in the low GL diet challenge

If you’d like to take part in the low GL diet challenge here’s what our ladies did:

To get more information and find delicious recipes read my Low GL Diet Bible and Low GL Cookbook

Caution: If you have diabetes, and follow all these guidelines, your requirement for medication may reduce. That’s why it’s vital to check with your doctor so they can advise you accordingly.