Healthinsight is a new website which challenges the current state of medicine and treatment, edited by the award-winning journalist Jerome Burne.

He says, “We are fat, sick and tired because of the way we live. Doctors agree in theory that a healthier lifestyle is the key to prevention. But in practice they rely on drugs. The sane solution is being serious about tackling the cause.”

The site features articles written by a wide range of experts – scientists, leading nutritionists, philosophers, journalists, doctors, pharmacists and lawyers – who are critical of current approaches to preventing and treating the big five metabolic disorders – obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Some are challenging the idea that increasing drug prescribing is the solution, others are writing about how best to stay healthy.

All of them believe that good medicine should aim to treat the underlying cause of a disorder rather than simply help to control the symptoms. That promising treatments should be properly tested, regardless of whether they have a large commercial potential.

That just as drugs can often be the sensible option when we are sick, that diet, an adequate level of nutrients and lifestyle changes are a sensible starting point for staying well.

Everyone agrees lifestyle is important in health; however the fact that the vast bulk of research funds goes on drug development for the metabolic Big Five shows money is not where the mouth is.

I have written an article for the site about the supplement debate. There are also fascinating articles on how medical research works, how the side effects of drugs are often hidden and the truth about statins. If you’re interested in reading sane, intelligently written articles that challenge the current state of medicine and treatment I’d recommend you take a look at this site.

Wishing you the best of health,