Healthy Ageing book No.3 bestseller

As we sail out of Ireland the Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing has gone to No.3 best seller.

Hundreds of people came to the talks in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork. I was amazed and appalled at the quantity of drugs that older people are given. Many take both antacid drugs (PPIs) and bisphosphonates for building bone despite the fact that this combination means the bisphosphonates don’t work. I met many people given both aspirin and cholesterol-lowering statins despite not having cardiovascular disease or raised cholesterol. Neither of these drugs reduce heart disease risk under these circumstances. People were hungry to learn what helps prevent and reverse the age-related diseases and I heard lots of feedback of people who had lost loads of weight on my low GL diet or lowered their blood pressure or cholesterol by following my recommendations. One lady dropped her cholesterol from 10 to 5 in a month using non-blushing niacin. Another, for example, lost 2 stone (28lbs/13kg) in 10 weeks. Today I’m in Bristol, then the grand finale in London tomorrow (Friday). Actually, it’s not really the grand finale because we have two more Healthy Ageing seminar series in Guernsey abd Jersey 19th and 20th of May. Click here for details.